Great Hymalayan Trail – Nepal

I’m currently planning a trek along the whole of the Nepalese section of the GHT and I’m looking for a potential trekking partner for the whole trip or different stages of it.
A little bit about me: I’m a 29 year old, former project manager. I’ve been on the road for almost 2 years now. My preferred way to travel is by ‘doing’ things rather than ‘seeing’ things, hence the desire to go on this through hike. On the trail I like to chat about things (politics, psychology, philosophy, travel stories etc.) but am happy to put my headphones in and get a bit of alone time and listen to podcasts or music. I have some experience rock climbing, abseiling and have done some solo trekking in Himalaya before (3 10-15 day treks in a 60 day period in Spiti, Ladakh and Zanzkar).
My plan is to fly into Kathmandu towards the end of September and organise permits and supply drops etc., then to get to the trail head for Kanchenjunga before everything stops for the Dashin holiday.
My route plan is to stick to the high route as much as possible. Unless I can improve my winter alpine skills enough to attempts some of the more technical routes, or a trekking partner already has these skills, then I would only detour off the high route if it is impassable due to snow or too technical. As far as side trips go, the only one I’m currently considering is a few days up the spur to EBC before continuing on the GHT.
I’m not a particularly fast walker, but have no issues with long days and have covered 30-40km a day pretty easily at 3500-4500m+ before. So the plan would be to aim for around 100 days end to end with rest days saved only for injuries or acclimatisation.
I have a tent and cold weather gear so would be using that as much as possible rather than tea houses and generally complete the trek as interdependently/unsupported as possible.
If any of this sounds appealing please get in touch or leave a comment below to discuss things further. Ideally, I’d be looking for someone who could meet once or twice before October and potentially do a short trek in advance to make sure we get along etc. I’m currently based in Europe so could do this anywhere Ryan Air flys to ha ha.
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  1. Hello i have 2 people fix group for Kanchanjunga base camp trek if you only join the permit that also welcome for you and if you need guide and permit please contact me on what’s app +9779841074806
    Thank you
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