Great Himalaya Trail – east of Lukla

I’m looking for a partner or small group interested in doing all or part of the Great Himalaya Trail, east of Lukla. The route can go either east-to-west or west-to-east. Looking for people wanting to start in early October. Will be planning to do a mix of the low and high GHT routes, avoiding any technical passes where climbing gear might be needed. I think we can manage without a guide but I will consider splitting the cost of a guide, no porters. Trekking style is fairly relaxed – I don’t move too quickly but I like long days. Will probably be mostly guest houses/homestays but I have my camping and cooking things so we can do that instead. (I have 2p tent can share if needed)
I filled out a bunch of random info below, FYI, like I don’t think it will actually take 40 days, and cost will really depend. Just wanted to put the message out there that I’m searching for others.



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  1. Hi, I’m planning to do the Kanchenjunga base camp trek in mid-Oct, but can probably move it up to early Oct, flights and work arrangements permitting.

    Have made inquiries to a guide company. For a 2-3 person group, the cost (everything included except international flights and lodging/meals in Kathmandu) is around $1200, maybe a bit more or less. One guide, no porter.

    I can spend up to 24 days in Nepal including Kathmandu. We can go either N-S or S-N Kanchenjunga. I’ve asked the guide to custom design the route a bit to go off track on certain days so as to do a bit of scrambling and get to places to hopefully spot wildlife. On some of those excursion days may have to camp outside if it’s too far to get back to the tea house, but for most nights we’ll stay at tea houses.

    Let’s chat if you wanna form a group. We can invite others.

  2. $1200/person

  3. Hey Michelle, I hiked for six months in Nepal two years ago and I think I’m headed back. I am thinking of the ght high route and I’d like to do the technical passes. You might already be trekking by I thought I’d say hello. Have fun, j.c.