Great Divide Trail GDT (Canada)

Hiking Canada’s Great Divide trail through the Canadian Rockies this summer! It’s 1200 km of the most amazing terrain and wildlife. Camping from around July (end of June?) until mid August to return and finish in September. Planning is essential (stops close to the trail to gain food caches/white gas). I’d sure like to discuss this hiking trip in more extent if you’re interested



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  1. Im planning to thru-hike the GDT in summer2015. I got some pdf maps for the whole stretch and a gps track all the way to mount robson. This summer Im planning a 3 week journey across the French Alp as a mind an gear test 😉
    just drop me a line for some infos

  2. I was planning to thru hike the GDT this August with a friend but we haven’t gotten past the dreaming about it. Very interested in joining this trip! Give me a shout and we can throw some ideas around.

  3. Hello everyone! My boyfriend and I are heading out on the GDT the third or last week of June. We are interested in having some trekking partners on this adventure and came across this forum. We are hoping to be done the trail around the third week of August as we have a wedding on the 23. Give us a shout and hopefully we can chat! Thanks!

    • Hi Laura, me and my cousin plan on starting at the same time. Well me for sure, cousin maybe. I have hiked from Waterton to jasper already. But not in one summer. I hope to make it to kakwa lake by aug 15. Anyhow hope to hear from you guys take care. Bruce

  4. Darn, between the lack of hiking partner and the emptiness of my bank account I decided to get a job and cant thru hike the GDT this year, however I would be interested in tagging along for sections of the hike and could possibly aid thru hikers with resupplying.

  5. Hi
    I’m gonna thru hike the GDT from July 10th 2014. If you want to join forces even on parts of the trail let me know. You can contact me through my website for hiking :
    I plan to hike the trail in about 28-35 days. That’s about 20 miles a day. Got a detailed plan already and the permits needed from the Canadian authorities. If you need any help than don’t hesitate.
    Happy trails

  6. Hey, everyone. I will be bikepacking from Jasper down to Mexico. I know the CDT intersects and/or is really close the the GDMBR. If anyone is interested in doing some hiking or anything around Banff, Jasper, or Glacier let me know!

  7. Hi. I’m a fellow Kiki (funny coincidence). I’m very interested in joining. When you say return and finish in Sep, do you mean come back after a break or just turn around and come back the way we came in Sep?