Grande escursione appenninica

After a few days of looking around for a semi easy but long trek, I found grande escursione appenninica. It seems to be an easy trek with regards to elevation and finding places to camp in the wilderness. I am used to camping outside, but would prefer camping in a warm climate without 20/30days of rain!

I was also looking for a trail that would leave me with the option of avoiding people though having people close enough for me to be able to deviate from the root to find them if I got lonely.

Anyways, I am a semi experienced trekker, as in I am able to navigate with a map (though it has been a while sins I have needed to), and I can handle myself in the wild.
I am looking for someone to wander with who takes things as they come and wont mind it if we suddenly decide to walk in a new an exiting direction. Preferably someone who will participate in sharing stories around a hypothetical camp fire. :))

Oh, and I chose a meeting point in Florence, then I suppose we have to figure out how to get to the trail from there.

Finally; I’m flexible when it comes to the dates, I have two months as a buffer. 🙂



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  1. Howdy Illy. Have you found anyone else for this trip yet? I’ll in Europe around June 22-29 and I want to do some hiking. Do you have anything planned yet? Thanks, Ben