Gosainkunda Lake

We’re a group of friends from Thailand who will start our first trek in Nepal on Dec 2014. We have only 10 days and since we are new trekkers, we will choose the moderate trail.
If anyone is interested in this route, feel free to join!



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  1. Hello, I plan to go at this time. I’ll be going to Nepal by myself and looking for people to go with. Please contact me if you have room for some one else. Thank you.

    • Hey joe. Did you already find a trekking Partner? I am currently working as a volunteer near kathmandu. At the moment i am looking for a trekking partner for a relatively short trekk (around 4-6 days). I was thinking about the short mardi himal trekk (it should be less touristic than most of the trekks) but i am also open for different routes. This is going to be NXP second trekk. I already did the poonhill trekk which i enjoyed very much. I have time from now im until mid-december. Please contact me of you are interested

  2. Hi there, are you confirmed to go on the 26th? I’m hoping to arrive a few days later and would be interested if the timing matches

  3. Hello, i plan to reach Pokhra on 26 december. I too want to trek to ABC and i dont want to travel alone. Let me know if i can join your group. Thanks.

  4. I’m sorry guys. The plan has changed to Gosainkunda Lake as we have limited of time and this route is fit the plan. I’ll change the topic of this trekking as soon as have more information. Thanks for your interesting.

    • hello, did you get more details about the Gosainkund lake?
      i too have less time of about 11-

    • hello, did you get more details about the Gosainkund lake?
      i too have less time of about 11-12 days. Please share full details regarding accommodation, itinerary, equipment, guide and other info. Thanks

    • I’m on process of contacting guide and porter and we are not going to confirm them until Oct or Nov. For the itinerary or any other information, you can google it. I will let you know if I have a final decision for which guide we will use.