Gokyo Ri or Annapurna Base Camp

I am Marina, I am 32 and I live in Berlin. I am looking for partners for trekking in Nepal in the beginning of April. The trek should last around 10 days. I have two options – Annapurna Base Camp or Gokyo Ri. If you are in Nepal in this time and looking for a trekking partner please let me know. Also if there are other treks (no longer than 10-11 days) you would prefer – let me know.



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  1. Hi Marina,

    I´m Enrique from Spain. I´m 38.I´m thinking in trek ABCindependently from the 4th to the 12th of April. I´ve been reading and my idea is start in Phedi and finish in Nayapul. 5 days going up and 3 going down. I don´t mind do another trek but I can´t be flexible on dates. However I´ll be trekking next week in Everest area next week and I´ll visit Gokyo,

    Keep in touch


  2. Hi Enrique!

    Thank you for your message! I arrive to KTM on 5th of April, so the earliest date I can start is 6th…I am afraid it is too late for you 🙁


  3. Hi,

    I´m sorry but it´s too late. I have to return home the 14th at nigh so it´s too risjy to start so late. I´m not sure what I´m going to do from the 3th to the 14th. Maybe I trek Helambu or Lantang. If you are interested plese let me know.

    Kin Regards


  4. Hi Marina,
    I am interested to trek on first week of April and I prefer Annapurna. lets me know if u interested

  5. Hi Enrique,

    It’s a pity we don’t match with dates 🙁 I wish you to have a great trekking.


  6. Hi dreamcatcher,

    I am in KTM as of 5th of April. It means I can start trekking on 6th earliest or even 7th. Would that work?


  7. Hi Marina!

    I’m Matteo, I’m Italian and I am 24 Years old.
    I will be in KTM on 5th of april too! I’m alone and I’m looking for someone that would like to share with me the trek to the annapurna base camp.
    Let me know if you are interested!!


  8. Hi Matteo,

    Thank you for your message! Yes, I am intrested 🙂
    It’s cool that our dates match. It’s gonna be my 1st time in Nepal, I guess yours as well. I have contacted a few KTM agencies to get a guide and a porter for the trek… Let’s discuss the details in e-mails!


  9. yup it works for me……..I am sending you PM. please check your inbox

  10. Hey Marina and Matteo!
    I’m very late with planning my trip but I’ll be arriving in KTM on the 5th of April as well. I’m 23 and it’ll be my first time travelling alone! Did you guys plan your trip already? Are you going to do the ABC-trek? I’m still looking for a travel buddy as well:)

  11. Hi Merel,

    It didnt work with ABC and Matteo has different timing. We all arrive to KTM on 5th Apr, but I leave on 19th & Matteo stays longer. I have joined another trek through the agency in KTM. If you like to know the details – lt me know!