Gokyo Ri and Mountain/Landscape Photography

someone who is interested in mountain / nature photography and with good sense of humor!



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  1. I might be coming around this time..

    Probably Nov 14.. Doing ECB via chola pass

    Love photography and humor..

    Add on facebook om sarmalkar

  2. Hi guys,
    i m also planning to do EBC trek via cho la pass in end of november/december. Starting on 21. of november would be perfect!
    Are your plans still up to date?

    • My Plans are ready.. But Not sure about the chola pass, I might want to head back on 30th.. Give me your Id, I can share my plans with you.

      I really got self planned budget trip.

  3. hi guys! thank you for the message!

    unfortunately after some long deliberation and thoughts, i decided to do the langtang trekking! it is perfect for what i wanted to do!

    so i hope you find the right partners for you r dream trips!

    salut, gute reise!