Gokyo Lakes Trek


I am planning a trek to Gokyo Lakes as a more wilderness oriented alternative to the Everest Base Camp!

I am flexible with dates but would like to start in the first week of February.

I have no previous experience of trekking in Nepal (though since I just arrived in Kathmandu this is likely to change until Feb). I have been backpacking around for few months and I did some hiking and trekking in warmer SEA.

Keen to team up and cut down the costs of a porter-guide. I would not like to rush the trek and save some days for just enjoying the scenery or to make a side trip once around Gokyo.

Looking forward to hear from you guys 🙂

In Jan I will be volunteering and doing the Vipassana meditation retreat.



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  1. hello Maja
    we have also same plane do contact

    • Hey so what is your plan? And do you have anyone on the team already? 🙂

  2. Hi, I am currently in Nepal, just about to do annurpurnna circuit, planning to do EBC early February, walking from Jiri (not flying). I have done a lot trecking over past year (prior to that none). Jiri is important starting place for me as flying in makes the treck relatively easy and not much of an personal challenge, I am average pace, and easy going guy

    • Hi Steve! We are still going, 4 ppl now, do you want to join us? We decided on no guide and a relaxed pace starting around 4th or 5th from lukla/jiri (not flying in) and being back in ktm on 24th feb the latest.

  3. Hiya, can’t leave until about 13 Feb, doing Buddhist retreat at Kopan monestry in kathmandu first. Good luck might bump into you on the way

    • Oh okay, enjoy your retreat! Maybe we will meet 🙂