Gokyo Lakes Trek

Hi Guys,
We are a team of 3 travelling on Kathmandu from Delhi (India). We are looking for like minded chilled out people to join our team.

Sharing the itinerary:
1. 11th Jan: Reach kathmandu (Tickets booked)
2. 12th Jan: Reach Lukla, then Manjo
3. 13th: Reach Namche
4. 14th: Acclimatize around Namche
5. 15th: Reach Dhole
6. 16th: Reach Machchermo
7. 17th: Reach Gokyo
8. 18th: Attempt Gokyo Ri
9. 19th: Back to Dhole
10: 20th: Back to Namche
11. 21st: Back to Lukla
12. 22nd: Reach kathmandu, fly back to India



2 replies
  1. Hi Nitin,

    I want to do the exact same route as you, but I only land in Kathmandu on 14 January, so if you are willing to wait a few days, we can then go together?

    Your schedule seems quite ambitious. Are you acclimatized and used to trekking at high altitude? The Lonely Planet Nepal Himalaya Trekking Guide suggests a 25 day schedule for the combined Everest Base Camp and Three Passes Trek.

    Please feel free to WhatsApp me on +27710850522 to discuss.

    • Hey, we are on a tight schedule, as you can see 🙂 Wont be able to wait..
      EBC from gokyo is additional 6-7 days.. Gokyo in 10 days is doable, if weather permits.