Gokyo Lakes and Everest Base Camp

Meeting in Kathmandu on 18 February. Fly to Lukla on 19 February and return from Lukla on 8 March. Flights are subject to weather and other vagaries. Within the trekking period there is considerable flexibility to cater for priorities of the members. Probably going to EBC first but this is open to negotiation. I fly out from Kathmandu on afternoon of 10 March.



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  1. From Alan: Meeting in Kathmandu on 18 February and flying to Lukla on 19 February and starting trekking that day. Trekking to EBC and Gokyo Lakes for next 16 days and then fly from Lukla to Kathmandu on 8 March. Some flexibility within trek but first day and last day are now fixed, subject to weather etc.

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    Hey Alan! Sounds like a great trip, I did a similar one back in 2012.

    If you need any help with your planning, shoot me a message and I’d be happy to share some insights. Sounds like you’re already prepared for potential flight delays in February due to the weather. Be sure to ask other trekkers about the safety and availability of Cho La Pass.

    For costs, I agree, you can do it for less than $1500. If you’re feeling particularly thrifty, pay for food and board on your own rather than have it be included with your guide hire. The only fixed costs are your flight to Lukla, TIMS, and permit. Everything else should be negotiable.