Gokyo – Cho La – EBC Circuit Mid October / Early Nov 2013


I’m a 32 year old Australian guy travelling solo to Nepal, arriving in Kathmandu on the 9th October. My plan is to do the Everest Circuit (Gokyo Lakes – Cho La Pass – EBC) in about 16-20 days (give or take) and it would be great to have a trekking partner or two. I’d like time to take some photos throughout the trek and don’t mind doing side trips along the way. I am considering hiring a guide but don’t mind doing it independently if there’s two or more of us. If we decide on a guide I’d like to be able to split the cost as well.

I plan on leaving a few days after I have arrived in Kathmandu (eg. between 11-13th October), leaving time enough to organise transport, guide and other arrangements for the trek.

This will be my first trip to Nepal (hopefully more to come!), but I’m no stranger to travel and have done high altitude treks in South America.



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  1. Hi Mate,

    Not sure exactly how locked into your timings you are – but I’m doing essentially the same trek but kicking off 1 week later. Already have my guide etc organised:


    If you have any flexibility and you’re keen to join up let me know.



  2. Hi Lachlan,

    Yeah, I saw your post, but I kind of didn’t really want to delay the start date of my walk anymore than a few days as I’d like a block of time the other end to explore the country as well.

    Cheers for the reply though. If I decide to change my mind on this I’ll definitely let you know.



  3. Hi Jeremy,
    Above is my schedule. I did not include EBC but it is very flexible, so we could change it too.
    Your start day is good for me. Hope to hear from u soon!

  4. Hi Jeremy,
    I’m a 39 years old Italian traveller and I’ll do the EBC+Gokyo+Renjo La starting on the 15th October from Lukla. My plans seem to be the same as you: this is my first trip to Nepal but I’m accustomed to trek (Dolomites, Pyrenees, Corsica). If by such date you are around Lukla, we could think of arranging the trip together?

  5. Hi everybody,
    I’m Ciara, a 26 yr old Irish girl. I want to do that same pass at the start of November. I arrive on the second and want to start the trek very soon after. I would rather not hire a guide to save costs but if there is a few of us `I don’t mind splitting costs. I think 2-3 weeks to complete is totally fine. Anyone interested get back to me 🙂 – Ciara

  6. Hello Jeremy,

    I am male, 24, from the U.S. and have the same trip idea. That time period works for me. I am experienced in trekking and would love do the trip without a guide but with a partner or small group of people. My email is jackson.c.ball@gmail.com