Goechala-Kasturi Trek

Hi everyone,

We want to do the Goechala-Kasturi Trek in Sikkim around the end of october and are looking for some nice folks to join us. It is a trek to more remote areas of Sikkim in high altitude (up to 5000m) which is said to provide some of the most astonishing views in Sikkim, especially on Kangchenjunga. The trek should take about ten days. We are a couple from Germany (28/27 years) who just finished university. If you are interested or have more questions, please write us!


Phillip and Kathrin



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  1. Hi Philipp

    I’m presently in Himachal Pradesh and will leave from here to visit other places in India, among others Sikkim.Are you still planing this Sikkim tour?
    What would be the dates.

    I just started to gather the information regarding the Protected Area permit and other things… Do you already know what papers would be needed? For North Sikkim we would have to organise through an acredited trave agent, as far as I know…

    Would be nice to hearing from you.


    • Hi Nicolas, yes, we are still planning the trek in Sikkim. We found an agency in Yuksom that would do the Kasturi-Trek for 45 USD per person for a 5 person group and 50 USD for a 4-person group. This is quite expensive, we know, but trekking in Sikkim is expensive and this is the best price we got comparing a number of agencies. We would like to do the trek in the end of october (earliest 26. october), but are quite flexible with the exact date. Do you have a preference?
      Regarding the permit, as far as we know, it is not much of a problem getting it. We will get the permit in Darjeeling, but if you plan to go directly to Sikkim it is also possible to get it directly at the border.
      Would be great if you wanted to join us 🙂
      Phillip and Kathrin

  2. Thanks for your reply!

    After 26th would also be ok for me.
    Where will you guys be coming from?

    I would come from Varanasi, i guess. take overnight train to New Jalpaiguri / Siliguri.
    Permit can be done in Siliguri as far as I know.

    From there I’d have to take a jeep to Peling, and another one to Yuksom. Therefore it might be smart to meet earlier somewhere in order to share the jeep costs.

    Concerning the price, is it USD 45-50 pp and per day if I understand well. Quite expensive indeed 🙂
    What does it include (sorry if I am not really well informed)? Tents, sleepings bags, etc?

    I send you my phone number per pm.


    • Hi Nicolas, we are at the moment at Darjeeling. From here we can hopefully also go directly to Pelling and Yuksam, but we haven’t checked yet. Regarding the jeep cost, we travelled with shared jeeps quite a bit and they are really cheap. We are sure you would find one of those in siliguri.

      Since the Kasturi trek reaches high altitude quite fast, we want to do the Singalila-Trek at Darjeeling first in order to acclimatise. We are going to start with that 6-day-trek in about two days (just in case you are really spontaneos and want to join us on that trek as will ;-)). That means we will probably be in Yuksam around the 25./26., therefore start of the trek would be around 27./28. Does that suit you?
      Do you have experience with altitudes like the ones on this trek? We think it would be a good idea if you also tried to acclimatise a little before starting with the trek, since It would be a shame if one had to cancel it on halfway.

      Concerning the things included, i can paste the email of the trekking agency: “fooding,lodging,yaks,guide,cook,porter,knp fees,cemera fees,trekking permit all included, sleeping bags, matress quality warm enough neat & clean double sleeping bags A Shape 2 men tent enough for luggage,toilet tent,table chair,mess tent kitchen tent seprate,medecine aids Box, hot Water bottle, abouit trekking luggage, meals we have yaks Yaks will carry all stuff,and for meals 4 times a Day breakfast,lunch,snex,dinner with soup,papad,popcorn,panner tofu,About drink, tea,coffee,milk, drinking choclettee,100 persent full boiled Water for drink”. So, it seems like all the important stuff (and even some not quite so important stuff) is included 😉

      Looking forward to your reply,

      Phillip and Kathrin 🙂

    • dear phillip and nicolas,

      as i am basically from sikkim ..it may cost around USD300per person(for a sharing trek) for the whole trip .for foreigners trekking permit will cost an extra fee of INR1000..i would love to join you guys on this trip..in case they demand more i can negotiate on your behaf if you would want me to do so..because even $45 per day will be quite expensive for me to afford ..
      protected area permit will be arranged by the tour operater ,..we dont need to worry about that..

      inner line permit can be got within minutes while entering sikkim at any checkpost.(melli or rangpo)

      i am game for this trek..looking forward to trek with you guys..


  3. Hi guys, here is the itinerary the agency proposed (we do not need day 1, so it will be only tun days):

    Day 1) Arrival Nearest Airport Bagdogra Nearest Train Station Drive to Yuksam by Car 6to 7 Hours O/N Halt Yuksam 1780mtrs 1st Capital of Sikkim 1705 AD
    Day 2) Trek Start. Yuksam to Tshoka 17kms O/N Halt 2950mtrs
    Day 3) Tshoka to Dzongri 9kms O/N Halt Dzongri 3950mtrs.
    Day 4) Dzongro top view point 4200mtrs Sunrise Mount Khanchendzonga range back Dzongri Hut Breakfast Day trip Dzongrila Pass 4500mtrs Back Dzongri O/N Halt.
    Day 5) Dzongri to Thangsing 9kms O/N Halt Thangsing 3880mtrs.
    Day 6) Thangsing to Lhamune 6kms O/N Lhamune 4200mtrs Last Camp
    Day 7) Lhamune to Goachala via Semiti 4300mtrs,Zemathang   4500mtrs,Goachala 4950mtrs Submit than back Lhamune Halt Thangsing.
    Day 8) Thangsing to Chamrey 12kms O/N Halt Chamrey.
    Day 9) Chamrey to Kasturi 15kms O/N Halt.
    Day 10) Kasturi to Labdang 12kms O/N Halt Labdang Gurung Village O/N Halt.
    Day 11) Labdang Village to Sinon Monastry by Car or by Trek O/N Halt.”

    • dear phillip,
      this is the itenery which he tour operetor has givenme

      DAY 1) Yuksom to Tshoka (3050m / 6-7 hrs) (Camping / Hut)
      DAY 2) Tsokha to Dzongri (4030 m / 5-6 hrs) (camping / Hut)
      DAY 3) Dzongri Rest and Acclimatization / Dzongrila (4300m) (camping / Hut)
      DAY 4) – Dzongri to Thangsing (3930m / 5-6 hrs) (camping)
      DAY 5) – Thangsing to Lamune (4130m / 2to 3 hrs) (camping)
      DAY 6) – Lamune to Goechala (4940m 4 to 5 hrs) / Thangsing (2 hrs) (camping)
      DAY 7 ) Thansing to Lampokhari (4,230m / 4 to 5 hrs) (Camping)
      DAY 8 ) Lampokhari to Kasturi (3,715m / 6 to 7 hrs)
      DAY 9) Katuri to Labdang (1,830m / 6 to 7 hrs)
      DAY 10 ) Labdang to Tashiding (1400m / 4 to 5 hrs) Then pick up by a vehicle and drive to Yuksam or Further to other destintion or halt at Yuksam or Tashiding. .

      lets check both and then we can decide and go ahead with the plan..


    • Hi yogesh, nice to hear from you! We have already confirmed the trek with our agency and do not want to change the operator. But if you want to join our trip, you are very welcome!
      Phillip and Kathrin

    • Oh, and our agency is called Red Panda, so maybe you could contact them. Maybe they give you a better price because you are Indian and don’t need those extra permits.

    • Hi lads.
      I’m game for this hike.
      I did the Manaslu (Larke pass at 5100+) and didn’t have any problems at all, walking slowly and respecting the aclimatisation steps.
      Two weeks ago, I went up to Chadra Taal Lake in Spiti valley (4300 m), also without problems, even thought travelling with a motorbike and climbing fast. Again, I didn’t leave out the acclimatisation.
      So AMS shouldn’t be an issue (+300m stages are fully OK), no worries.
      Wish u guys a good Singalila trek. I’ll be in Yukson at the latest on the 26th!
      Cheers 🙂

    • thanks for the info phillip..will get in touch with redpanda tomorrow and confirm…hopefully he goes reasonable on me so that i will be able to join you guys..and btw it snowed in higher areas of sikkim last night(12000ft and above)..


    • Hi Nicolas, that is great, looking forward to meeting you on 26th! You could also ask around for more people, if we found 2-3 more persons to Join us, that would be perfect (group size 5-6 persons: 45$ / day per person, 4 persons: 50$ / day). We also keep on looking.
      Greetings, Phillip and Kathrin

    • Hi Yogesh, that is perfect. Good luck in the negotiations with the agency!
      Greetings, Phillip and Kathrin

  4. Euh… Seems I have to fill out sth here to “Join this trip”…
    So this is it 🙂

    • Yippie, here we go 🙂

  5. Hi guys, we will be without internet acces for the next 7 days, so please don’t be confused if we don’t answer promptly on mails etc.
    Greetings phillip and Kathrin

  6. Update: Am in Delhi today, 23.10.
    Will arrive in Yuksam on the 25th.

    • Hi, we will arrive at Yuksam tomorrow evening, shall we meet at Redpanda on the 26th at 18.00 h? Greetings, phillip and Kathrin

    • Great.
      Let’s meet tonight at 18.00,


Duration 10 days
FinishYuksam or Tashiding
SleepingCamping, Guesthouse
Budget$500 per person