Goecha La Trek

Hello people
I am a nature lover and admirer of Himalayas i cant wait to be there again for Goecha La Trek between the mountains near Kanchenjunga, will be going at steady pace doing photography. I intend to go on May first week the trek will start from Yuksome to Goecha La Lake. I have another like minded guy confirmed for this and i am looking for few more people who would like join along i am now in process of exploring guide to arrange this trek for details post me a message



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  1. Hi Khalid
    I am also planning to go for Goecha la in May 2014. am also looking for trekking parthners to share some cost. Please share ur itinerary

  2. hi there,

    I m interested in this trek but in april. Can u guys share your plan

  3. @arti which date in april ? we have thought of leaving on 1st May +- 2 days

  4. Hi Vikky,

    we are thinking of starting on 13 april looking at the holidays in that week. I guess tht will be too late for you guys

  5. I am in talk with one local trip advisor lets see how it comes out. other than that India hike is offering good price for the trip you can check that http://www.goechala.com/