Ghorepani/Poon Hill Trek

Coming to Kathmandu on 7th April … Poon Hill/Ghorepani trek … 5 day trek almost finalized .. looking for partners .. costs 350 USD for 2, and probably lesser for more .. join me so we can reduce our costs 🙂 ?



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  1. Hi Raj,

    I’ll arive the 6th in Kathmandu and I’m looking for a 5-6 day trekking in the same region. Do you hire a guide or do you plan on going on your own?



    • Karlijn, I have sent you a separate message through your profile. Pls check.

      Raj Abhishek

  2. Hi

    350 USD for 2 …..sounds good. Would you please more details about the cost and trip. I am starting same trekking on 20th March. Thanks.

    • Hello Shyam, Please get in touch with Rina ( ) for more details. Do mention my name and she will know. You can give me ure mail id and I can mail you the details as well.

      Raj Abhishek

  3. Hi Raj,

    I and one other are looking at the Mardi Himal trek which is very close to the Poon Hill route but apparently much quieter. Don’t know if that is of any interest to you. We were thinking of starting on the 10th and trekking for 7/8days.

    • Hello Eliza, I have already planned my trek now and arrangements are almost finalized. Moroever, it’s my first time in those environs, so wanted to take up a shorter trek ( mine is only for 4 days, and with 2 days of travel extra ).

      So, I guess it may be some other time .. u have a good one :-), and I for sure would like to know about ure experience.

      If you need any help with the itinerary, planning etc., I guess my guide will be able to help you too. Let me know if so !

  4. Hi Raj
    Any slots on the trek please..Have time constraints thus currently looking at smaller trek. Planning to be in KTM on 07 April. Request Advise..
    Dalip Raj

    • Hi man … can u get I touch with my guide to c if my trip works out for u … … ill put on a word to her as well .. u knw the basic details of the trip here ….