Ghorepani/Poon Hill Trek

I will be in Pokhara from December 15th to 23rd and am hoping to do the Ghorepani/Poon Hill trek during that time. I’m looking for partners and possibly a guide, though I’d be open to trekking without a guide.



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  1. Hey Eliza! I will be there in the same date and wanted to do something on Ghorepani/Poon Hill too. I will be by myself so would be great to join you guys.

    • Some of you want to do it soon?

  2. Hi Eliza. I’m going to be in Pokhara between Dec. 19 and 24 or so and would be interested in joining you if you’re still going. I can’t start before the 19th so let me know if you have any concrete plans already or if your dates are flexible. Thanks!

    • Hello Lillian, seems that Eliza is not replying .. but maybe we can work out something together (and hopefully others) , we could meet in KTM or Pokhara and work out the details ? . However my dates are a bit off as I need to be back in KTM before the 26th of Dec ..

  3. Hello Eliza ! ,

    I’ll be at Kathmandu on 15th Dec and Pokhara around 16-17 Dec , I am interested in doing the Poon Hill trek over 5-6 days .. I prefer sharing a guide unless you’re experienced as honestly it’s my first time !

    Thanks !

  4. Hi Eliza (and others)! I will be in Pokhara around the same time (leaving for Nepal tomorrow and staying for 2,5 weeks – once there planning is flexible) and am looking to do Poon Hill (or a similar trek), preferable with a guide. Let me know if you’d like to team up! Martine

    • Hello Martie , seems that Eliza is not replying .. but we can work out something together (and hopefully others) , maybe we can meet in KTM or Pokhara and work out the details ?

  5. Hey guys, it seems that eliza isnt repling the messages but we still can plan something together and exchange some recommendations. I am planning to do any trek from dec 16th-26th

    • Paulo ,Martie , Lillian yes we plan something together , maybe we can meet in Thamel before we head to Pokhara on the 15th or 16th of Dec ?

    • Hi everyone. That sounds good to me! I’m already in Pokhara. I unfortunately have a tight timeline: I can’t leave on the trek until the 20th and then, like Noor, I have to be back in KTM before the 26th.

      So ideally for me: leave on the trek the morning of the 20th and then come back by the evening of the 24th so that I can get on a bus to KTM on the morning of the 25th. Does that work with your timelines?

    • Hi all, I just arrived in Kathmandu, so Noor if you’re around we can catch up today or tomorrow. Lillian, your plans would work perfectly for me. I’d probably even catch the same bus. 🙂

    • Lillian , in all honesty I want to spend more time on the trek as I have time 🙁

      Martine , actually I’ll arrive on Dec 15th , would love to catch up then if possible 🙂

    • Hey Noor, Martine, Lilian,

      will you guys be at Kathmandu tomorrow? If so we could meet and talk more. I arriving tomorrow and still have no plans, but ideally I want to trek on Annapurna.

      Let me know if this works and if so we arrange a place to meet.


    • Yes I’ll arrive to Kathmandu tom , please forward to me your contact (whatsapp maybe) so we could get in touch 🙂

  6. Hi Paulo, I just saw your message. Martine and I were already in Pokhara.

    Just a note to anyone who is still checking this: Martine and I met up today and have finalized a trek to Poon Hill between the 20th and 24th. We are going with a guide. If you are interested in joining this particular trek, send me a message within the next day and we can give you the details.