Ghorepani/Poon Hill Trek

Hi everyone.
I decided spontain to go to the Poon Hill on 21th February, or better said to sign in here spontain. I plan a trip about 9 days to explore the area.

About me – I’m Janine from Germany, outgoing person, 30 years old but perceived younger 😉 and humorous (as much as Germans can be^^).

I will take my time for the trip, but that doesn’t mean that I will walk unbelievable slow. I just don’t know how it will be there. At least we maybe can start together and if it doesn’t fit, we can go separate – because what I’ve heared should there be many people around. But if it fits, it would be great to share this moments of this adventure. I don’t have a strong budget plan.

As spontain as I decided to sign in here, we can go for dinner or something this evening or meet this afternoon.

Bye 🙂



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