Ghorepani/Poon Hill Trek


I am doing Volunteer work outside of Kathmandu from September 1st – September 21st.

I plan on heading off to Pokhara and would like to do a short 1 week trek or a lot of outdoor activities. The Poonhill or ABC trek seem to fit in that time frame.

I did check out some “alternative” treks that aren’t as touristy that could be cool options. Hiring a guide is okay with me.

I will be leaving Nepal by September 30/October 1 latest.

Looking for some good like-minded people to enjoy the beautiful Himalayas!



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  1. Hey Chris !
    I’m heading to Nepal around Sept 17th, visiting Kathmandu and then going to Pokhara where I would like to do a 6-7 days trek.
    I was thinking about Poonhill or maybe other less touristy options, and I am open to take a guide to discover these ‘off the beaten path’ treks. I would be happy to do the trek with some company if you’d be interested. Let me know if our plans could match !