Ghorepani/Poon Hill Trek

I am traveling solo in Nepal until my boyfriend arrives on the 28th. I’m a seasoned traveler (esp. India), however this will be my first time in Nepal. Looking to do the Poon Hill trek (3-4 days), walking at a steady pace but happy to take detours/see extra things to extend the trek to 4-5 days. I am very interested in discovering Nepali culture, rather than trekking just for an outdoor adventure. Would prefer a small group of 3 people plus 1 local guide. My budget is low- to mid-range, so not planning to pay for a porter and overnight stay would be in teahouses.

A great option would be to leave from Kathmandu together, make our way to Pokhara over 1-2 days (walking+buses:, spend 1 day in Pokhara and then start the Poon Hill trek.

Poon Hill is fairly popular (I normally prefer something off the beaten track!), but is supposed to be extremely beautiful 🙂



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