Ghorepani Loop with Slight Variation

my name is duncan and i’m a solo traveller in nepal.
i am planning a 5 night/6 day trek trek or in the annurpuna region beginning next monday or tuesday. Along the way we get to see the sun rising at poon hill, and hot springs on both way up and way down:) plus plenty more besides. I paln to extra day to go up to Chhomrong before heading down to the hot springs, though io am open to other suggestions or proposals. i will be independently arranging a porter and guide as i have good contacts here in pokhara whom i trust.

the guide cost is $20 daily, porter $15 daily ($115 each for the whole trip)
personal budget for tea houses and food approx $15 to $20 daily depending on appitite!

i am 38 years old alexander technique teacher, actor and musician from London, i have many passions. some include: holistic well being and medicine, the spirit and creativity.

i look forward to hearing from you if you feel inspired to take this trip with me.

ps sorry no photograph, i am in an internet cafe in pokhara!




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