From Lentekhi or Chvelpi to Ushguli through the Caucasus

Me and my girlfriend are planning a one-day highlight trip from Lentkhi to Ushguli (UNESCO World Heritage site). We would wake up in the early morning in Lentekhi, get to Chvelpi by jeep, and then start to ascend to the Latpari pass. The trip is about 23 km with 2000 m gained elevation. We want to hire a local guide, who’s said to be the best (or anyone else, who signs up for the trip here), and we would like to share as much the costs as the experience with some other adventurers.
I’ve done my research about Svaneti, this seems to be the most unique and intresting hikings in the area, and getting on foot to Ushguli is by far the coolest way to arrive to this beautiful part of Georgia. Instead of hiring a car for a fortune, and spend hours in it, you can climb your way into this mysterious pearl callled Ushguli.
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