From Kathmandu to Jiri/Shivalaya

Hi there,
we’re 3 people (two Germans, 1 Nepali) travelling from Kathmandu to Shivalaya (with a stopover in Jiri if you like) around 5th of April by private bus. We are organising an earthquake relief-project 1 hour away from Shivalaya and have to transport a few goods from Kathamandu to this area so we will hire a private transport which is a loooot more comfi than the public bus leaving from Ratna Park (promise!). 🙂
We have room for two more people – who wants to join and share the costs?



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  1. Hi Stef,

    I may be interested in joining you on the 5/4 departure for Jiri. Im undecided between Jiri or Salleri at this stage. I would need tow seats minimum for my guide as well. When you say private bus, do you mean a mini bus? What is the cost? Thanks Ricardo