Footloose Trekkers – ABC and EBC with Gokyo Trek – May, 2014

Hello Everybody, I have charted an itinerary for Mt. Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Mt. Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Trek in the month of May, 2014.. it is going to be a “Fixed Date Departure Trek” meaning that i will certainly be going on the trek unmindful of the number of participants joining me for this trek.. If you are interested, feel free to write down your email id and ask for the itinerary and other details.. this will be my 4th trip to Mt. Everest Base Camp in 4 consecutive years and i will be more than happy to share info with you.. and i will be even more happier if you can come alongwith for the trek.



Spend your holidays in the Himalayas and earn a lifetime of memories and experience. Go on a journey of self-discovery. Discover yourself and be surprised.

Trek to the Machherpucchare Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp and see panoramic view of the mighty Himalayas. Trek to the Mt. Everest Base Camp and see the Third Pole (Mt. Everest) with your own eyes. Cross the Cho La (17,782 ft/ 5,420 mts) in the Everest Region. This trek is internationally most popular trek with thousand of trekkers successfully doing it every year.

You have to see it to believe it. Words are not at all sufficient to describe the amazing experience.

Trek your way to good health in clean, pure & pollution (air, water, sound and light) free environment. Experience the magnificent magnetic pull of the Mighty Himalayas which will attract you over and over again.

For further information and details contact :-
Footloose Trekkers Adv.
Ambarish Joshi
86, Ram Nagar, Hill Road,
Near Karnataka Sangha Hall,
Nagpur – 440033.
Phone Nos. 9881253862; 9730030619

Participants may kindly note..

1. My trip to EBC in May, 2014 will be my 4th trip there in past 4 years. In May, 2011 I trekked SOLO from Jiri to EBC and flew out from Lukla. In May, 2012 I trekked from Lukla to EBC and flew out from Lukla. In could not do the Cho La and Gokyo as I got tired to continue further and returned back after completing EBC. In May, 2013 I organized trek of private group of 7 Footloose Trekkers who successfully completed the Three Passes Trek or Mt. Everest Traverse Trek as after doing this trek you would have trekked across the entire Mt. Everest Region. The group trekked to EBC and Kala Patthar in addition to crossing the 3 High Passes – Kongma La (18,159 ft/ 5535 mts), Cho La (17,782 ft/ 5,420 mts) and Renjo La (17,929 ft/ 5,465 mts) in the Everest Region. The black pyramid of the Mt. Everest has an irresistible hypnotic power which pulls you towards itself again and again. You have to go there to experience it for yourself. It has been my consistent experience during past three years that the window for summiting Mt. Everest is open mostly between 20th and 25th of May ever year. As such, the dates of our trek are most convenient for visiting EBC for getting a feel of how it is there.

2. This trek is a fixed date departure trek. Unmindful of the number of participants joining me for this trek, I will be doing this trek. I will surely be doing this trek on the above dates as per the above itinerary. This is the basic itinerary for the trek. I plan to do both the treks (ABC and EBC) back to back. You may not necessarily plan to do both the treks as per this itinerary. Given the popularity of EBC, it is understandable that you are interested in doing EBC only. In this case, you should make plans to reach Kathmandu directly on 13.5.2014. There could be a slight modification in the itinerary depending on the availability of direct bus/taxi from Bhairawa to Birethanti without having to travel to Pokhara.

3. As give above, excluding travel days, ABC trek is for 10 days and EBC with Gokyo trek is 20 days. For EBC, If you choose to fly in and fly out of Kathmandu, the total duration of travel plus trek will be 20 days only.

4. Doing ABC trek is likely to be less expensive as (1) you are not required to pay any amount for air travel which is otherwise required to be done from Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu as in EBC, (2) number of days is less and (3) it is relatively less popular and less crowded trek as compared to EBC. There is a great difference in the terrain, altitude and flora and fauna which you will come across in both the treks.

5. Costing for both the treks is done.. ANNAPURNA BASE CAMP TREK from Pokhara/Birethanti to Pokhara is likely to require an approximate amount of Rs. 17,500=00 (INR) per person which includes Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS) Card which costs approximately Rs. 1,200=00 (INR); Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Permit which costs another Rs. 1,000=00 (INR) and my guiding and organizing fees of Rs. 2,000=00 (INR).. EVEREST BASE CAMP TREK from Kathmandu to Kathmandu is likely to require an approximate amount of Rs. 45,000=00 per person which includes return flight tickets from Kathmandu to Lukla and back; Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS) Card which costs approximately Rs. 1,200=00 (INR); Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Permit which costs another Rs. 1,000=00 (INR) and my guiding and organizing fees of Rs. 5,000=00 (INR)..

5.1. This amount is an approximate amount which is computed on the basis of knowledge and information gathered by me during my treks in Nepal in past three years and is not an exact amount..

5.2. You will be paying for your food, drinks and lodging out of your own pockets and I am not collecting any amount from you towards your food, drinks and lodging as this is not an package deal for an organized trek.. For this reason, this amount is variable depending upon the foods and drinks consumed by yourself and the tea-houses/lodges you may prefer to stay..

5.3. The aforesaid amount does not include the expenses for hiring a porter or a porter-cum-guide at any stage of the trek and the tips paid to the porter by trekkers. The expenses for hiring a porter will be shared/divided by the trekkers who hire a porter..

5.4. Additionally, it would be advisable for you to get your travel and health insurance done including insurance which entitles you to evacuation by helicopter/air-rescue in case of any emergency as the costs and expenses of arranging helicopter evacuation / air-rescue are astronomical in the mountains and the pilot of the helicopter does not even take off from its place unless and until payment of the amount demanded is assured to them/company..

6. We will be trekking together as a group of Free Individual Trekkers (FITs). You will be responsible for paying for your own food, drinks, stay, permits, TIMS card, etc. Trekking in a group is relatively less expensive than going solo. A distinct advantage of trekking as a group is that you always have a reliable support group. Cost of hiring Porter(s), etc. will be borne by the participants who are engaging their services.

7. I am not charging or collecting any money from participants as tour expenses. I am organizing this trek on account of my love for the Himalayas and especially, the magnanimity of Everest Region which pulls me to itself repeatedly and with inexplicable force. This is not a conducted tour. I am here only as a past-experience holder / co-ordinator / Information-cum-Facilitation person. However, I will be charging a nominal fee of Rs. 2,000=00 per participant for ABC and Rs. 5,000=00 per participant for EBC which is for my travel expenses and fees for organizing and guiding the group. This amount shall be paid in advance one you confirm your participation in the trek. Additionally, as organizer, I will organize the flight reservations from Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu, hiring the porters, reservations in lodges on the way, etc. However, you will have to pay my fees plus the cost of Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu flight tickets in advance while confirming your participation. If the flight tickets are required to be cancelled at your instance after the flight tickets are booked, refund of the amount paid will be as per schedule/tarrif of the concerned airlines. In an event of your cancelling your participation in the trek, I will deduct an amount of Rs. 1,000=00 as my consultation fees.

8. The expenses stated are tentative / approximate and are based upon my modest assumption during my earlier trek in the region in May, 2011; May, 2012 and May, 2013. The cost of even a packet of biscuits increases proportionately to the rise in altitude. For eg., A chocolate bar (Mars / Snickers) which costs Rs. 40 NPR in Kathmandu costs Rs. 70 NPR at Namche Bazar and Rs. 200 NPR at Gorakshep. Similarly, you have to pay for even one cup of hot water. As such, importance of carrying sufficient cash can never be over-emphasised. However,trekking as a group is more cost-effective than solo trekking.

9. While planning itinerary for both the treks, Over-emphasis is laid on acclimatization and rest days are included in the plan. It is always advisable to good equipment including ruck-sack and have sturdy and good quality footwear having strong sole, excellent grip and ankle support. If not, a pair of ankle-guards for ankle support will do.

10. Necessary items to be included :- Ideal is to travel light and carry only the essential items. It is advisable to include 2 pairs track-pants, 2-3 t-shirts, 1 pair thermal wear, 1 rucksack (medium size – 50-65 ltrs.), sleeping bag (if required), undergarments, 3 pairs socks, torch, cap, woolen cap, photography materials (if required), spare batteries for torch, camera, etc. battery charger, medicine kit, toiletries, tissue-paper roll, rain coat / poncho, wind-cheater / warm jacket, trekking shoes, sunscreen, water bottle. Everything can be purchased at Kathmandu. Rucksack, sleeping bag, trekking shoes, trekking poles, etc. can even be purchased/rented at Kathmandu and at Namche Bazaar.

11. Expenses stated above do not include the cost of liquor, hot showers, laundry, chocolate bars, porters, guides, personal shopping and other personal expenses, expenses in casino , other miscellaneous and incidental expenses, etc. if incurred by the participants.

12. Services of guide and trekking porters (as may be required) can be engaged depending on the walking strength and luggage carrying capacity of the entire group as a whole. The trekking route for Everest Base Camp is very popular and we get to meet numerous trekkers. As such, services of guide are not required for this stretch. I plan to engage services of a guide for one stretch : From Lobuche to Dragnag/Thagnag for crossing Cho La Pass; guide to be hired at Lobuche. A guide charges around Rs. 1,000-1,200 NPR per day and a trekking porter carrying about 30 kgs. of weight charges around Rs. 800-1,000 NPR per day. However, when the cost is divided between all the members of the group, it becomes negligible and you are left to carry only a light backpack.

13. If you are planning to join me for the Annapurna Base Camp Trek, we can work out arrangements to meet directly at Gorakhpur or at Pokhara / Birethanti. Alternately, if you plan to do only EBC with Gokyo, you can reach Kathmandu directly on 13.5.2014 and leave Kathmandu on 1.6.2014 by afternoon flight. Thus, participant(s) can complete the trek in lesser number of days. Members can also make travel arrangements to reach Kathmandu directly and leave from Kathmandu directly depending on the number of days available at their disposal. Necessary arrangements can be worked out to fix a common meeting point. I will be staying in Students Guest House, next to Marco Polo Guest House in Thamel, Kathmandu which is a relative clean, decent and reasonably priced place to stay without any frills.

14. If you decide to join the trek, you will have to make your own travel arrangements.

15. Please remember the dates. Most importantly, start preparing. Advisable is atleast an hour of walk/jog and stretching exercises. Also, please stop using lift/elevator and take stairs to wherever u go for atleast six months before the trek.

16. A WORD OF CAUTION :- This is a High Altitude Trek and the difficulty level is strenuous. The EBC trek starts at Lukla which is at an altitude of 2,800 Mts. = 9,186 Fts. and the highest point of the trek Kala Patthar which is at an altitude of 5,550 Mts = 18,209 Fts. Those who are having chest / lungs / heart problems are requested to consult their physician before venturing on the trek. High Altitude challenges everybody by varying degree. Exposure to High Altitude without proper acclimatization could cause AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness, HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema) or HACE (High Altitude Cerebral Edema). In addition to the High Altitude, you will also be facing the unpredictable weather in the mountains. Drinking lots and lots of fluids including water helps in the process of proper acclimatization. Additionally, drinking a bowl of garlic soup or consuming garlic cloves or garlic capsules daily helps in proper acclimatization. Participants are also advised to get themselves sufficiently insured by obtaining travel insurance and medical insurance (including facility of rescue and evacuation by helicopter, if required in emergency situation) and keep a copy of insurance papers with themselves at all times during the trek.

17. The airport at Lukla is considered to be one of the most dangerous airports of the world. Similarly, the departure and arrival of flights depends entirely on weather conditions at the Lukla airport. There are several instances of flights getting cancelled and trekkers being stranded at Lukla and/or Kathmandu as the weather conditions were not safe and conducive for flying. In May, 2013 our flight from Kathmandu to Lukla got cancelled due to bad weather and heavy fog conditions at Lukla. I immediately contacted my friend who works with Tara Airlines and she arranged to book / re-schedule our tickets in the first flight for Lukla for the next day. As such, while making travel plans, especially return reservations, please keep atleast one spare day in Kathmandu between your return flight from Lukla to Kathmandu and from Kathmandu to your respective onward destinations.



16 replies
  1. Hello,

    I would want to do the EBC trip and your itinerary sounds perfect for me. But I would join you directly in Kathmandu. And do you take the payment once we meet in Kathmandu? Sorry , if i missed the payment method. thanks.

  2. hi Praneet,
    Greetings and smiles..
    You are welcome and are most eagerly invited to join the group directly in Kathmandu on 13 May, 2014.. it would be great fun to have u as a member of the team..
    I have given out only the tentative amount which you are likely to spend for doing this trek.. I am not collecting the entire payment from you.. You have to pay for your own food, drinks and porter (if you hire one) including your stay in Kathmandu, etc.. I am not conducting any package trekking tour.. its a “Fixed Date Departure Trek” and I am going for sure as per the above itinerary.. all the group members are joining with the idea that each of us will be trekking as a member of “Group of Free Individual Trekkers”..
    The amount of Rs. 5,000=00 towards my guiding and organizing fees can be paid at Kathmandu when we meet..
    However, you will have to pay whatever the amount is charged by the airlines for return tickets from Kathmandu(KTM)-Lukla(LUA)-Kathmandu(KTM) as I won’t be in a position to book your flight tickets unless and until i get that amount.. It is most convenient that the entire team travels together in same flight and manages to book themselves on the early morning/first flight out of Kathmandu and Lukla for a variety of reasons including the most unpredictable weather in the mountains which could delay/cancel the flights..
    Stay in touch.. i am always here to reply to your queries and doubts, if you have any..

  3. Hi there! I am interested in joining a group to do EBC, but I’d like to go to Lukla a few days early to start acclimatizing. What date would you be leaving Lukla and starting EBC?

  4. Dear TigerCub,
    Greetings and Smiles..
    You are most cordially invited and welcome to join our group and trek with us as a team..
    Its a good idea to leave early for Lukla for acclimatization.. However, very few trekkers do that as there is not much to be done at Lukla.. Lukla is viewed more as an entry-exit point for trekking in Everest Region.. Most of the trekkers catch the early flight from Katmandu to Lukla and upon reaching Lukla make arrangements for hiring porter/guide, if any.. grab a quick bite as breakfast and start trekking.. they usually stop for lunch at Phakding and after a brief rest keep on walking till they reach Monjo.. Lukla is at 2,860 mtrs while Phakding is at 2,610 mtrs and Monjo is at 2,835 mtrs..
    If at all you plan to join our group and are keen on reaching Lukla a day or two early for acclimatization, then we can plan to meet directly in Lukla.. i can also suggest to you a very good lodge were i stayed in May, 2013 after completing the Everest Traverse Trek / Three Passes Trek which was organised by me and all the 7 members completed it successfully..
    As per the itinerary given above, the group plans to fly from Katmandu to Lukla on 14.5.2013 by early morning flight.. and on reaching Lukla, we plan to start trek after having some breakfast.. You can reach Lukla on 12.5.2013 or on 13.5.2013 as per your convenience.. I will keep you posted about our flight details and we all can meetup at Lukla and trek together from there..
    Please do stay in touch even if for some reasons you decide against trekking with Footloose Trekkers.. I am always here to reply to your queries and doubts if you have any..

  5. Hi! Ambrish. I +ve that i will be doing ABC, but I want to confirm my to & fro tickets first. After ABC u will be continuing to EBC, so pl advice how to book return tickets from kathmandu. Air as well as train etc. The return dates stated above confirmed? So then I can proceed for booking. Pl forward contact info of any person from mumbai doing this trek. So we can plan together.

  6. Dear Prasad, Hi..
    Greetings and smiles..
    It is wonderful to know that we will be trekking together again after a gap of six years.. wow.. please come prepared to teach me a lot about photography as you are a very very good photographer and have really got an eye for capturing amazing pics..
    Well, that apart.. for travelling to Nepal, you have got two options..
    As you are interested in ABC, i will restrict my comments to ABC only, and more particularly, relating travel to Pokhara/Birethanti..
    A. Take a train to Gorakhpur and arrange to reach there by the evening of 1.5.2014 which is when I too will reach there.. from Gorakhpur, you have to travel by road in a bus/taxi to the village Sonauli which is the border village on Indian side.. it takes about two and half to three hours by road to reach there.. you can walk across the India-Nepal Border or ride in a cycle rickshaw to enter Bhairawa which is the border town on Nepal side.. from here, you can get a direct bus / mini-bus / shared taxi to Pokhara or to Birethanti..
    B. you can fly from Mumbai to Kathmandu and from there, either travel by road to reach Pokhara (which would require about 5-6 hours) depending on traffic or can take a flight from Katmandu to Pokhara which will take you to Pokhara within 20-25 minutes.. from here, will will have to do road journey to reach Birethanti..

    The itinerary is a fixed itinerary and in any eventuality I have to be in Kathmandu on 12.5.2014, as I have given out the date of reporting for participants of EBC Trek as 13.5.2014.. and the trek to ABC is very much doable as per the itinerary already given..

    After completing the trek and reaching Pokhara, you can make travel arrangements to have your family to travel and reach Pokhara and choose to stay in Pokhara for a couple of days as its a nice place to stay and can also do some sight-seeing around Pokhara.. alternately, you can also make a trip to Chitawan National Park on your way back to Bhairawa/Sonauli by road..

    Regarding return journey.. the options are..
    A. travel by road directly to Bhairawa (which takes about 5-6 hours) and cross border and enter Sonauli village in India.. go to Gorakhpur and catch a train to Mumbai..
    B. Travel by road to Chitawan and visit the Chitawan National Park.. enjoy Jungle Safari there.. stay for 1-2 days in Chitawan depending on your liking.. and travel by road to Bhairawa..
    C. Travel by road from Pokara to Kathmandu (5-7 hours by road) and fly from Kathmandu to Mumbai..

    I will certainly keep you posted and updated.. for the present it appears that both of us are certain to do ABC.. i have received enquiries from three persons from Nagpur about ABC.. I will inform you if any person from Mumbai or nearby expresses his interest in doing ABC in order that you can plan your travel accordingly..

    Stay in touch..

    I am always here to reply to your queries and doubts if you have any..

  7. Hey Ambarish.. Thanks for your reply. I will surely stay in touch in the near future over the course of the next few months. And would be asking my doubts as they come through.


  8. hi Praneet.. Sure.. you are always welcome..
    Unmindful of whether you trek with us or not.. be sure to take a decision earlier and start preparing for the trek.. the proper time to start preparing for the trek is — right now.. you have to be physically, physiologically and psychologically fit and well tuned to do the trek.. you should be able to enjoy the trek and not just endure it..

  9. Sounds interesting Ambarish. For the fee will you be taking care of buying ( at our cost) KTM-lukla tickets and all park fees . Do you have contacts at the Tea houses. Isn’t a peak time? Is the trail crowded?

  10. Hi Ambarish…sounds wonderful… the whole nine yards… did Annapurna Circuit, 2013 oct.. so i totally get what you are saying through your email.. will be in touch with you when i confirm… all the best irrespective… am replying to you to be in the loop as regards your trip plans..
    Warmly, Alka

  11. Hello, this trip sounds amazing! I am arriving in Nepal on the 6th May so would only be able to join for the EBC trek. I really want to go to Pokhara though so could probably the group there and join you on the bus to Kathmandu. How many people do you think will be in the group?
    Also just wanted to say that the way you talk about this is really inspiring and I look forward to hopefully meeting you!

  12. Hello Everybody.. Greetings and smiles.. extremely sorry for late reply to your posts.. I was away from Nagpur and was unable to reply them properly..

    @ Shankar,
    Dear Shankar.. greetings and smiles.. for the little fee that i charge from each person, i will be organising and arranging everything so that the trekkers only have to do what they do best, – trek and enjoy nature and mountains at their best and take lots of pictures and memories back with them.. whatever costs and expenses that are incurred have to be borne by the participants.. this way, travelling as a group becomes very convenient and practical.. the (i won’t name) airlines gives me about 7-8% discount on return flight tickets which i pass on to the group members as i don’t collect any amount as package deal.. this way, my friends in the group end up saving good money.. i know my way around the trail and have personal and first hand experience at dealing with porters, guides, lodge owners, etc. and many lodge-owners know me and remember me from my earlier trips and stays at their places.. month of May is a good time to trek in the Everest Region and to EBC as that is the time when the expedition members are trying to summit Mt. Everest.. you will get to see many people on the trail this time of the year.. yet, i can assure you stay in nice, comfortable, safe and clean lodges with warm dining halls and good food..

    @ Alka..
    Dear Alka.. Greetings and Smiles.. it would be great fun if you could join us too.. please take your time and inform me when you take a decision about joining for this trek.. I would request you to take a decision by mid-february or max-to-max by february end as i will have to book flight tickets for the group and it is

    @ Grace..
    Dear Grade.. Greetings and smiles.. it would be wonderful if you could join us for the EBC and Gokyo trek.. I estimate that there will be around 12-15 people in the group.. my treks are always fixed date departure treks.. so, even if nobody else joins me, I am doing the trek on the dates given in the itinerary.. As soon as i get a mobile SIM card of Nepal, i will post you my mobile number.. that way, we can plan to meet in Pokhara and from there travel back to Kathmandu and do the EBC trek.. I thank you for your kind and generous compliments.. you too would be talking with such great enthusiasm after doing the EBC trek and seeing the magnificient Black Pyramid of Mt. Everest by yourself with your own eyes.. its really captivating, its hypnotic and mesmerising and it has got such great magnetic pull that i will be going back there for the fourth time in four consecutive years.. I am waiting most eagerly for your reply and confirmation..

    @ Tiger Cub..
    Dear Tiger Cub.. greetings and smiles.. it would be great if you could trek with our group.. i am awaiting your reply and confirmation most eagerly..

    @ Prasad..
    Dear Prasad.. Namaskar.. greetings and smiles.. whats your plan.. whats the scene at your end.. I hope you are charged up and ready to go like I am..

    @ Praneet..
    Dear Praneet.. Greetings and smiles.. whats your position.. it would be wonderful if you can join us for the trek.. I am awaiting your reply and confirmation..

    And friends.. I am leaving Nagpur on 29.1.2014 evening to go to New Delhi and from there will catch the early morning flight on 31.1.2014 to go to Leh.. I will stay in Leh for 2 days before reporting on 2.2.2014 for doing the Chadar Trek on the Zanskar River.. due to extreme cold, the surface of the river freezes over and turns into hard ice.. the appearance is similar to a smoothly ironed white bed-sheet (bed-sheet is also called as Chadar in Hindi).. I am going there to trek for 7 days on this Chadar.. will complete the trek on 10.2.2014 and will be back in Nagpur on 11.2.2014..

    If you are interested, you are most welcome to add me as a friend on Facebook.. i have many pictures from my earlier treks posted on Facebook..

    You are also welcome to visit and like the Facebook page of Footloose Trekkers at

    thanks a lot..

    please do keep in touch..

    with best regards,

  13. Hey Ambarish,
    I am very interested in this trip – the ABC portion! I am planning on arriving in Kathmandu on April 30th, and can meet you in Pokhara on the 1st or 2nd of May.
    Is this website, facebook, or email the best way to keep in contact with you?
    Looking forward to quite possibly meeting you and I really appreciate you organizing something like this!!

  14. @ Alka,
    Dear Alka, thanks for your confirmation about joining for both the ABC and EBC treks..

    @ Prasad,
    Dear Prasad, thanks for your confirmation about joining for the ABC trek..

    @ Alka and Prasad,
    You both are from Mumbai so please get in touch with each other regarding travel arrangements if you are travelling together by train or by flight.. if you plan to reach Kathmandu and fly down to Pokhara, I can give you details about my friend who works in an airline company at Kathmandu.. she can get you some good discount on your flight tickets..

    @ Praneet, Tiger Cub, Shankar, Grace and Anna,
    Dear Friends..
    Greetings and smiles..
    You had earlier expressed some interest in joining Footloose Trekkers on their trek to Annapurna Base Camp and Everest Base Camp with Gokyo in May, 2014 as per itinerary already informed on the website.. the month of February, 2014 is coming to an end soon and it should be a good time for you to take a call if you would be joining us for the trek or otherwise..
    It would be extremely nice of you to inform me about your decision by the end of February, 2014 so that i will have to make necessary arrangements for reserving flight tickets for KTM-Lukla-KTM flight (For EBC trekkers only) if you are coming and even you will have to start physically, psychologically and physiologically preparing for doing the trek of lifetime..
    Kindly inform me by 28 February, 2014 either ways..
    Thanks a lot..
    With best regards,

    Hello everybody.. Greetings and Smiles.. All those who had earlier expressed that they are “Going” for the trek to Annapurna Base Camp and / or Everest Base Camp and Gokyo with Footloose Trekkers.. and.. All those who had earlier expressed that they “Maybe Going” to the above trek(s) with Footloose Trekkers are sincerely requested to take a considered decision regarding their participation as early as possible and be kind to communicate it to me before 10th March, 2014 as other arrangements relating to travel and stay will have to be made.. As such, for the sake of yourself and other trekkers of the group, please convey your decision at the earliest and, in any event, on or before 10 March, 2014 as even my plans depend upon your early communication of your participation or otherwise.. Thanks..

  16. Hello Everybody..
    Greetings and smiles..
    I waited and waited for participants to confirm their participation in either or both of the above treks but got no response.. the only positive response i got was from Prasad Acharya who confirmed his participation for Annapurna Base Camp Trek..
    I have been to Everest Base Camp thrice in three consecutive years and it made no point to go there again solo.. so, Annapurna Base Camp Trek is on.. and it will be followed by Annapurna Circuit Trek..
    To find detailed itinerary of these two back-to-back treks, please visit this link..