I will be in Nepal for several months so I am flexible on dates. Not sure which routes are advisable in winter and what is open since the Quakes. I am 56 and not willing to rush, I am willing to walk about 6-8 hrs a day max and will want lots of acclimatization days. I will want to do side excursions to hot springs and nice view points, so if you are in a big hurry I am not the partner for you. I have been to Nepal before and can speak a wee bit of Nepali and understand the culture. I will be travelling on a shoestring and like to eat dal baht in the kitchen with the family when invited instead of acting like a tourist. I have MCS and can not travel with folks who use scented laundry/grooming products, I am willing to provide suitable grooming products if needed. If this sounds good to you I would love to hear from you
Namaste and happy hiking



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  1. Hi Deidre, I am Gabi from Austrai.(on the picture I am on the right side) I am staying in Kathmandu for 5 month and have already been hiking the Annapurna basecamp in November. I would love to hike the Annapurna circuit in February/March. And because I am 58 years old, I also want to go slowly, but also without spending too much money. Could you contact me in case you would like to meet me? I stay in the south of Kathmandu. Hope to hear from you, Gabi

    • Hi Gabi It would have been nice to travel with you I’m sure but life gets in the way and I will no be coming to Nepal this year after all. i hope you have a wonderfultime