Everest Base Camp Trek

Hey Folks,
I am a 29 year old from Minneapolis, MN looking to trek the 3 peaks route to Everest Base Camp next March, and am open to company! I am planning anywhere from 15-20 days and am pretty flexible on time frames throughout the spring. Currently I’m not planning on a porter or guide, but am open to it as long as there is freedom for adventures within the local villages (I’m not a big fan of traveling with an itinerary). If anyone is interested in joining in on the planning of this adventure, or just wants to meet up for the trek let me know!




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  1. Hi
    I’m Paul, are you still planning on this trip?
    If you are please get in touch as would be interested in chatting things over. I’m into photography and would like to do this route without time constraints from guide or porters. I’m not worried if it takes longer I’m in no rush as long as the 30 visa doesn’t expire I have been given time away free from the wife and kids so the longer the better !!!!

  2. Hi Paul,
    As of now I am still planning this trip, with no dates locked in yet. Do you have an ideal date range of when you would like to start the trek?

  3. I’m considering trekking in March time too! I was thinking to start around 10th-13th

  4. Hey guys, are you still planning this trek in March?

  5. Hi dan. I’m doing the three passes match 3rd with a company called adventure master trekkers. Let me know if it’s something that interests you as I know you said you wanted to do it without a guide. Niki

  6. Hey Dan. I just bought my ticket to KTM arriving on February 15th. My plans are to start from Jiri and continue on to Lukla to do the EBC and Three passes. My flight back to KTM is on the 23rd of March from Lukla and have no set itinerary. It would be great to find a buddy or more for some or all of the trek!

  7. Hi Dan I’m heading to Lukla on the 1st of March 2019 and trekking the 3 passes flying back on the 20th
    If you’re still looking for someone let me know