Fagaras Ridge Traverse – Romania

Hi everyone!

I am planning a trip to do the Fagaras Ridge Traverse in the Southern Carpathian Mountains (also known as the TransylvanianAlps).

It can be done as a shelter-to-shelter / hut-to-hut hike, or with tents out in the wilderness. I was looking at probably doing the former, and hiring a mountain guide – its a tricky area by all accounts!

The scenery looks absolutely stunning, though I believe it will be quite a tough hike 🙂

It should take around eight days or thereabouts, and was hoping to find some new friends to share the surroundings – and hopefully also the guide cost. I can’t yet find any companies willing to offer the trek as a self-guided journey, though this is also an option.

I look forward to hearing from any like-minded wanderers who will be in Romania around this period!




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  1. Hey,
    Have you done already the treck?