Extensive Trek in Ladakh in July/August 2013. One of the options: Across Zanskar

I am looking for (a) partner(s) for an extensive trek in Ladakh and/or adjoining areas between July 1 and August 15. More details below.

I am thinking about an independent and self-organized trek with both homestays (where available) and camping. However, both a technically easy climb and a “homestay only” trek are eligible. I am not primarily looking for a sportive or technical challenge, even if the trek may involve that. Generally, there shouldn’t be a rush – I like to take my time to take good photos, undertake various side trips and stay at a nice place for a day or two.

Anywhere in the area between Leh, Manali and Srinagar. The classical Zanskar and Markha valley treks were recommended to me and I consider them as good options despite the increasing tourism in this area.
A North-South crossing (into Himachal Pradesh) should be an exciting alternative. If you know some places in Ladakh already and have a good idea, that would be great – I am still in the rough planning phase and open to suggestions. Once my planning progresses, I’ll amend this post.
Overall though, I’ll probably stick to what a friend recommended: ”Don’t worry too much about organizing things beforehand – it is easy to make all the arrangements you need for trekking once you get to Leh!”

How long?
I’ll arrive in Leh by end of June 2013 and have time until mid August 2013. A three to four week trek would be great, but if you don’t have that much time, please contact me anyway.

Who am I looking for?
The partner(s) I am looking for should be open to an adventure off the beaten tracks and most importantly have a positive, culturally sensitive and open-minded attitude towards experiencing the country including its people. A reasonable degree of trekking experience and physical fitness will be required.

About me: see my profile



I will be trekking/climbing in ladakh/himachal area around July/Aug timeframe. I will know a bit more about my plans.

You can see my profile http://trekkingpartners.com/members/vsathyanarayan/ and my blog here :-


My preference is to do the taraslamu/kang-la route to padum and some climbs like stok kangri / treks from upshi to tso moriri and easier climbs like mentok / chamsher /lungser kangri

My plans have to be finalized still but would involve starting from manali and going towards leh as opposed to flying into leh…

Feel free to contact me at my e-mail address mentioned in my profile…



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  1. Hello all,

    Sathyanarayan, I think you have replied to one of my question earlier regarding trekking in the Kannchenjunga area on the Indiamike website… I am just about to leave for my trek in Nepal, most probably going up to Makalu base camp and then hopefully go to high camp as well. I am meeting someone tonight to decide.

    Anyway, about Ladakh and Constantin trek, I would be up to join to attempt some of the trek in Ladakh.

    I will be in Manali early June. I will arrive by bicycle/train from Nepal, and make my way to MAnali. In Manali, I would like to climb something to get acclimatized prior to cycling the Manali-Leh highway. Anyone is welcome if you want to join.

    From Leh (should be there by late June), I was thinking of perhaps climbing sto kangri (Sathyanaran, we could meet up for that one) and then perhaps walking back towards Manali through Zanskar. I do not have much plans yet, but the Zanskar valley area is on top of my list.

    Overall, I will have 6 weeks to do this trip, from Early June to July 20th issh.

    As I am about to leave on a 3 weeks trek, I will not check this page often in the next few weeks. Today, tomorrow I will have online access, but that’s it. Feel free to email me at francois_clark at hotmail dot com to discuss further options.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    P.S. my profile is not updated really, but I am a 33y old Canadian male. Fit trekker, cyclist, rockclimber and some decent mountaineering experience. I have climbed a lot in British Columbia, where I currently live.

    • by the way, I wanted to do the Sherpani col while I am here, but plans changed and my partner could not adjust to the new dates…

      I also want to do independant trekking as much as possible. It is half the fun…

    • Hi Francois, that sounds great! I hope we can trek together from end of June to end of July. Sathya has elaborated some great itineraries already and we’re definitely going. So far, we have been planning to trek from Udaipur (close to Keylong) via Kang La, Padum and remote Zanskar to Leh. Since he’s the organizer, I’ll leave it to him to answer you. Cheers, Constantin

  2. Hi guys, anyone will be there from 10-23 August?

    • Me.

      Responded on the thread you created.

  3. hiiii sathya..i m sukh adventure woman …I also want to do independant trekking as much as possible…in thses dy i m in dhramshala…..end of may i m going to manali after then lah…cn i join u

  4. hey Constantin,
    Im also planning of being in Ladakh area in July. Im now volunteering in Nepal so I haven’t got much time to plan but your plan sounds good. I will be happy to hear from you if it is relevant.
    you can find me on facebook- revital riklin (send me a massage)

  5. Me and a friend are planning to go on Pin Parvati pass trek from 1.7. That’s 10 days. Highest point is 5400 m. And from then on to Leh. If someone wants to join.

    • for the latest replies on this thread… I am in Manali now, up to June 15th issh… looking for partners to go trekking climbing in the area… drop me a line at francois_clark at hotmail dot com . I will reply faster than by the forum…

    • Where have you reached right now???

  6. Hi,

    I’m in Kathmandu waiting for my visa for India. I hope a get it in. Couple of days. Than I will make my way to India. I hope I’m in the area end of June and I have time as much as I want.

    Your trekking plans sounds great and I really want to know a little bit more of your plans. If you are still looking for partners write me a mail. tortugaotr@gmail.com

    Looking forqard to hear from you.


    • I am in Manali, leaving for leh on my bicycle on the 10th of June. Will be in Leh around the 17th issh.

      Constantin and I are planning to trek through zanskar from the end of june, from lamayaru to darcha.