Exploring Ladakh Night Sky (Aug 31 – Sept 9)

I am looking for a few partners from Aug 31st to Sept 9 in Ladakh. My main agenda is to travel Ladakh to shoot the clear nights sky with Mighty Himalayas in the background. (To see how some of night sky timelapses visit www.nileshukey.com/timelapse)

I will be camping outside small villages for single nights and will be camping near Pangong Lake. I will be visiting

Leh (obviously !)
Bhagso => Likir monastry => Alchi village => (Lamayuru is optional) => Len (Taxi or bike)
Pangong lake (on New moon night 5th Sept)… (Sharing Cab)
Hanley via Nyuma (on bike)

The trip itinerary is flexible

My email id is ukey.nilesh@gmail.com

Let me know if anyone is interested



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  1. Moderator

    Nilesh – great timelapses of India! really cool. looking forward to seeing what you come up with in Ladakh… would definitely join you if I was there.

  2. Thanks Alex, I am glad that you liked my work. I am very excited about the Ladakh timelapse. Will share it with you once ready.


  3. Moderator

    that’d be great. looking forward to seeing what subjects you choose. I can picture some beautiful star-lit monasteries…

  4. Sure there will be star-lit monasteries, apart from the Himalayas 🙂