Everest three passes trek between July, 15th and August, 09th

Hello fellow trekkers,

I wanna do the Everest three passes loop on my 3 month journey starting at Nepal between July, 15th and August, 09th and I would be happy, if people wanna join this fantastic and challenging but gorgeous trek with me. Although I would say, than I am a sporty guy, my preference is to hike in an tempo with the group or my partner. If you wanna join, just let me know.




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  1. Hi Mario.My name is Jay.I am a college freshman from China. I might be in Nepal a few days after u.I am also interested in exploring Nepal and trekking.Could u add my I.t. Jayfeng or Whatsapp +8618783808502 then we could discuss about the trip? Thank u

  2. i.t. Jayfeng1