Everest Region

I’m planning on arriving in Nepal around November 13, hoping to trek to Everest Base Camp and Goyko Lake/ Cho La pass shortly afterward.

Dates and length of trip are somewhat flexible, but would like to depart around the 15th of November. I am talking with guide companies to find a good rate, I plan to travel with a guide.

It would be cool to get a group together. Hope you can join me!




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  1. Hey Krys,

    I also looking for a trekking partner/group and want to go there for about 21 days in november. My idea is it to fly to Lukla and then trek the Everest Base Camp and also to the Kala Patar. But I haven’t detail plans at the moment and I’m very flexible.

    Get in touch with me if you want to talk about this in detail :).


    • Hey Stefan,

      Cool to hear from you. About 21 days is my ideal itinerary too! Are you hoping to travel with a guide and porters, or independently? I am hoping to book a guided trip, either just to EBC (roughly 14 days), or to EBC with an added ascent of Island Peak (roughly 21 days). Would you be interested in something like this?



  2. Hey Krys,

    Your idea sounds really good for me :).

    My idea was it to travel without a guide or porter. A friend of me did this some years ago and he means that it is not necessary to book a guide for this trip and it is also more like an adventure (for the ebc trek).

    But if you really want to book a guide we can talk about this. But a porter is not in my mind, I will did it by my self :).

    The island peak sound very interesting but in the moment I’m not sure about this. if it is not so important for you, then let us talk about the ebc and kala patar and as option (or last point) about the island peak.

    What do you think, sounds like a plan for you?


    • Hey Stefan,

      Glad to hear we are kind of looking into the same things!

      I am very interested in hiking with a guide, I know everyone has different styles!
      I am also looking into guided treks to EBC with side treks through Cho La Pass and Goyko Lake. I will send you a few links in a private message and we can talk more!



  3. Hey Krys,

    I am arriving at the same day as you in KTM and have approximately the same plans: 3 passes hike, about 3 weeks. I would be very happy to trek in a small group together with a guide (I would be fine with independent trekking as well).

    Do you have more detailed plans already?


    • Hey Eline, just sent you a private message!

  4. Hello Krys,

    Im planning on traveling around the 10th of november to nepal and would love to do the everest base camp with a guide. It will be maybe and a friend. I don’t know how far you have planned but would like to see if we could still join or we could plan together

  5. Hello Krys,
    I am from Holland , arriving in Kathmandu on 12/11 and interested in your trip. I am as flexibel as Stefan. With or without a guide.
    How are your plans at this moment. Gretig from the Dutch mountans.

    • Hey Walter,

      I have the same plans and I plan to leave for Lukla tomorrow morning, weather permitting, are you still in Kathmandu now?

      My plan is to trek to EBC and Kala Pattar by the 25th and then return to KTM on the 29th.

      Currently I will be trekking independently and solo without a guide, but would love to have others join in.

      Hope to hear from you,


  6. Hi Krystal,
    I’m also planning to arrive to Kathmandu on November 15th and would like to rest/ look around for a couple of days and then go on the EBC trek. I see you already been in touch w some people here.. Do you have a group already?
    Would be cool to join you guys)

    • Hey Elena,

      I’m currently in Kathmandu but my flight leaves for Lukla tomorrow morning. So I am still looking for partners to join me on my trek.

      My plan is to trek to EBC and then Kala Pattar by the 25th, and then take a return flight to KTM by the 29th.

      I am going to do the trek independently, and at the moment I am a solo trekker.

      Let me know if this fits your plans or if you have anything to add to the adventure.

      Look forward to hearing from you,