Everest Basecamp/Gokyo Lakes Crossing the Three Passes

Hi All,

I have been looking for companions to join my girlfriend and I at crossing the three passes (see itinerary tab).

I will be arriving in KTM on the 14.03.14 and hope to fly out to Lukla on the 17.03.14 to start the trek. Presently, 3 other people from trekking partners (3 male) have confirmed that they will be joining be me along with hopefully another 1 male

Concerning myself. I’m Indian origin, but have been living in the London since I was a child and my girlfriend is German. We are both 40 and easy going and enjoy travelling and are looking for like minded travel companions to join us to make the whole experience even more worthwhile.

If you have time please have a look at the link that i posted. Its 45min video with the most amazing imagery:


Kind Regards, Dipesh



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  1. Hi Dipesh,

    Thank you for sharing the video. It was very insightful. Can you pls connect at awadhesh.kumar38@gmail.com for a more focused discussion. I want to book my tickets in this weekend for a March 15 trip as prices are soaring up each day.

    By watching the video we should have at 4-5 group team to make the journey interesting and memorable.

    Happy New Year 2014.


  2. Hi Dipesh, Awadesh
    Perhaps, our date is likely to coincide as I am also planning to hit the road from 17th March (Monday) from KTM to Lukla – Phakding/ Namche. However, I am thinking of heading to Gokyo first and then come down to EBC, I am taking this decision based on “difficult first”.

  3. Hi Padam,

    I intend to cross the three passes via Kongma La as listed above which you are more than welcome join



  4. Hi Dipesh,

    I´m a 38 year old male from Barcelona, Spain. Experienced trekker, my first time in Nepal.
    I´ve been reading a lot and the trek EBC/Gokyo is my favourite. I´ll arrive Katmandu the 16th of March. Perhaps too late for you.

    Get in touch


  5. this sounds great. I am interested in maybe joining, I like the idea of self guided.

  6. Hi Enrique,

    Dipesh and I will reach KTM on 15th March and get the necessary permits and fly to lukla on 16th or 17th march. If you could get the permits, then we can do the trek together.
    Inbox your email ID for more details.


  7. Hi Awadhesh,

    I´ll arrive the 16th. i´m thinking about buy the KTM Lukla tickets online and try to flight the 17th. It´s posible to get the permits in Monjo.

    Keep in touch

  8. Hi Awadhesh,

    I don’t think I can register the entire trek on behalf of other people within the group. I have however, sent an e-mail to the TIMS agency that monitor people trekking in Nepal on 2 occasions to confirm this, but i have still not received a reply.

    As Enrique correctly mentions the trek can be registered at Monjo. Just bring plenty to passport sized photos.

    Kind Regards,


  9. Hi Enrique, Awadhesh and Russell,

    Please could you advise when you are planning on leaving Nepal? My return flight will be on the 5th March. I am only asking as we should agree on when to return to KTM from Lukla.

    I’m going with the 1st April. In case we need an extra day during the trek.

    Also does anyone have any plans for after the trek?

    Kind Regards,


  10. Hi,

    My return flight is the 14th of April. I don´t have any plan after the trek. I´ll improvise. Tourism, an smaller trek….

    Get in touch


  11. I am coming!

  12. Hi Russell,

    That’s fantastic news!!

    Kind Regards,


  13. Hi Guys,

    Please do share your views on the return flight from Lukla to Kath as Dipesh asked earlier. It would be better if we book tckts in advance.


  14. Hi Enrique, Awadhesh and Russell,

    As we all have confirmed that the trek will start on the 17.03.14 and finish on 02.04.14. We should book our flights to/from Lukla. I have been looking at the different airlines and based on what I’ve read. I intend to fly on Tara Air.

    Concerning flight times. I would suggest catching the 06.00hrs flight as this will give us the best chance to avoid any bad weather conditions at lukla

    On a further note. We may be joined by another person from Australia that I have been in contact with at trekking partners.

    Kind Regards,


  15. Hi Enrique, Awadhesh and Russell,

    I will be booking the following flight/time/date my flights with http://www.taraair.com

    Flight No. TA 101
    Dep Date. 17-MAR-2014
    Dep Time 06:15 AM
    Dest. Lukla

    Flight No. TA 214
    Dep Date. 09:00 AM
    Dep Time 02-APR-2014
    Dest. Kathmandu

    Kind Regards,


  16. I’ve booked the same K- Lukla flights.

  17. I’m just waiting for confirmation of my flights, fingers crossed. Has anyone composed a list of items to to take/not to that they could post? I have started work on one, but not sure if it’s any good

    Kind Regards,


  18. All booked and raring to go…any plans on where you will be staying in KTM and what you like to do prior to flying out??

  19. I was planning on buying/renting all i need in KTM. I have no plans before or after… I just figured id explore KTM

  20. hello i am from greece and i want to join in .i will be to katmadu at 10.3 and my return flight is the 5 of april

  21. Hi Ioannis,

    Great to hear from you. Your more than welcome to join. Please book the same flights as I have listed above so that we can start/finish together.

    Kind Regards


  22. hi i have booked this flight TA 095
    Lukla (LUA)
    06:15 AM
    same time differend flight? i will send a email to taraair.

  23. Hi Ioannis,

    That would be very cool if they agree 🙂

    Kind Regards,


  24. Hi all,

    We could choose some place as a meeting point in KTM. I´ll arrive the 16th at night so I´d prefer book that night.
    I´ve cheeked in hostelworld and for example Kathmandu Madhuban Guesthouse has good reviews and cheap price. Free airport pick up if you book more than 2 nights. It could be useful for you not for me.
    I don´t mind the place, somewhere in Thamel and if it´s cheap better. I can sleep everywhere. I was thinking in sleep at the airport but I have to do it in Doha the previous day, so is better to take a shower and rest.


  25. hi all. i don’t mind the place i will go to pohara at 10 and i will be to ktm at 14 .3 Get in touch

  26. Hi ioannis, have you tried to change your flight KTM-Lukla. It´s know that there are cancellations and delays in this flight so it´d better flying together.

  27. Hi All,

    I have booked 3 nights at Kathmandu Madhuban Guesthouse as Enrique suggested based on the price, reviews and locale which, all appear to be good. I think it would be a good idea to meet up in KTM before heading off to Lukla and Bal Gopal Temple may be a good place as its surrounded by water, there is only one path to access it plus its easy to find?

    Kind Regards,


  28. Hi ioannis

    I´ve seen you in Spain i think

  29. many times and i made two caminos de sandiago it was lovely

  30. Hi ioannes
    I did it in 1999. From Roncesvalles to Finisterre. A very good experience

  31. hi now it’s ok with my tickets same flight for all.get in touch

  32. Hi Ioannis,

    That’s excellent news. Looks like we have a party. It’s going to be great to finally meet everyone…

    Kind Regards,


  33. Yup, I’m looking forward to it!

  34. Hey guys,

    I’m no 5 in the group. The hairy person in Dipesh’s photograph. Nice to meet you all!


  35. Hi Sabina

    See you soon


  36. hey guys and hi sabina i have booked at Kathmandu Madhuban Guesthouse

  37. Hi all,

    I´ve booked at Kathmandu Madhuban Guesthouse too. See you there. I

  38. It´s posible that I arrive late. My flight land at 8 PM.

  39. hi all iwill fly at saturday to instabul and sunday night to ktm.all it’s ok all only i did not find here in greece a traval insurance to cover helicopter and treeking over 4000 m so maybe without, or if i find in ktm.see you all soon

  40. Hi,

    I´m sure you´ll find something in KTM. People who contract organized treks book the insurance in local travel agents. There´re lots in Thamel. Maybe you have to bargain…

    Have a good trip and see you soon!

  41. I finally booked into the Kathmandu Madhuban Guesthouse as well. see you all Friday night!!!!!

  42. Hi Russell,

    See you on Sanday or Maybe Monday early in the morning!

  43. Hi Guys,

    Have have safe trip and see you soon…

    Kind Regards,

    Sabine and Dipesh

  44. See you guys soon, I’m at the airport in Surfers Paradise checking in now!!!

  45. Hi my room is 402 what time you will be here?if it is late I think is better to meet all in the morning to rest all you.I don’t have problem if you wont today because I am here from Monday afternoon

  46. See you soon, I´m just finishing my work. Holidays!!!!!!
    I´ll be flying tomorrow

  47. Hi all,

    I´m going to the airport!!! I´ve book pick up service at KTM airport with the ghesthouse and choose seats in the front of the plane. I hope not arriving late. See you soon