Everest Basecamp/Annapurna Circuit

I’ll arrive in Nepal 7.2. After the permits are organised I’m ready to go! I have about three weeks in Nepal.

I’d like to trek either Everest Basecamp or Annapurna Circuit.

I’ve trekked Annapurna Basecamp, Langtang, Taman Heritage, Gosaikunda and Helambu treks before in Nepal. So the highest I’ve been is 4900m (Kyanjin Ri). I did these trek in February and March so I’ve experience from the winter conditions.
I’ve trekked before in Nepal just on my own without guides or porters. I would prefer to trek this time with someone but without guides/porters. In case you want a guide/porter, it’s negotiable.

I’m a medicine student from Finland, easygoing and positive 🙂 Last time in Nepal I got a nickname from other trekkers and their guides which was based on my persistence and lifting up spirits.
I love trekking, sports, cooking, photography, travelling, new cultures and especially meeting new people!:)



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  1. Hi Saara,

    I am looking at trekking in a similar time to you. I am interested in going to a more remote area, such as makalu.
    Does this interest you? I would prefer to stay away from the crowds.

  2. Salutations & Hello from Bangkok!

    My plan; arrive on or about 6th or 7th Feb. Take 2 days to walk around, sip good coffee, acquire trekking permit, Buy Domestic flight and gear shop. From lukla my pace will be SSSSSSLOW, my pack will be light, sleep in Tea houses and enjoy the trip- stopping frequently for chai and a quick relax. Being fresh for the next day is paramount.

    let me know if that fits into your mental picture.

  3. Hey Saara.
    I intend to go the EBC trek in this time as well. Since this would be my first time in Nepal I prefer not to walk alone.
    So far I have nothing planned but I will specify the trip in the next weeks.
    I am fairly flexibel in terms of the departing.
    Greetinngs from Germany 😉

    • Hey!
      I’m sorry for reaaaally late reply. However, I haven’t decided whether I want to trek Annapurna circuit or EBC. Do you have flights already? I have three weeks time in total. I was thinking maybe deciding which trek to do once I’ll arrive in Nepal, because then I can hear better eg. about the snow conditions 🙂

    • Hi.
      No problem at all.
      Yes, I have booked my flights. I will arrive on February 15 and my return flight goes on March 7. I don’t know if this suits to your plan since it is one week after your arrival?!
      I’m still not sure either whether to go Annapurna Circuit or Everest Base Camp since both have its pros.
      Maybe it is a good decision to primarlly see what is the weather like and than decide which trek to take. Due to havy snow the pass on the circuit might be closed.

  4. Hi Saara,

    I’m planning the same trip to the EBC at approx. the same time. If you’re still looking for a trekking partner, let me know. I’ve trekked the Annapurna Base Camp five years ago on my own but would for sure appreciate to share the adventure this time. And I’m not going there to break any record but to enjoy my time in the mountains.

  5. Hi,
    Me and my best friend both university students will be doing Mt Everest base camp around the 20th of jan-5th of Feb. We have both done alot of research and have decided that we will be doing it without a tour. We would like to hire a guild/porter. We realize that this time of year is winter but it also has fantastic weather and dressing warmly should be able to conquer this. By skipping out on a tour of 1600$ for 14 days that does not include food. we have estimated the trip to cost $500-$700 for food,shelter and permits. This estimation is on the high side and we doubt that it will come close to this. I am a paramedic student in my last year and feel confident that I will be able to recognize signs and symptoms associated with altitude sickness. SOOOO the real question is would like to join us for a trip of a lifetime with two crazy fun Australian girls

    • Hi! I would love to join but I have break from school between 6.2-2.3 so I’m fixed with the days :/ Are you two fixed with your days?

  6. Hello Saara and everybody,

    It looks like some of us have preety much the same plans:). Some people have totally empty profiles so I do not consider them but Saara, Gilles, Megan + her friend we could eventually gather together or please people update me about your plans. Rich I believe you pace would be too slow for me/us.

    So, what do you say?

    • Hey Fred……..
      The only thing I have to say is TAKE CARE OF YOUR PORTERS! Avoid the scam in Kathmandu and hire the porter in lukla. DONT ALLOW YOUR PORTER to be exploited. Do you realize that your porter is your savior in the mountains? they will save your ass if you get injured. case in point>> Avalanche in the Annapurna region.

  7. Hello Sara,

    My name is Sarah i’m 23 from Cairo, Egypt and i am planning to visit Nepal early Feb maybe 8th of Feb. I want to do some trekking and some other activities like hiking and rafting and Bungee Jumping. I will book my flight as soon as i find a partner to join this adventure!

    Interested in doing this?
    Message me or reply to discuss 🙂


  8. Hi Saara,

    I am heading to Nepal from 7th – 21st February and I’m looking for trekking partners, preferably in the Annapurna region, although I’d be happy to change plans short notice.

    I’m a junior doctor in Scotland and also love trekking!

    Let me know if you’re interested.