Everest Base Camp/3 Passes Trek

Hello, I am hoping to do the 3 passes trek beginning around Feb 27. I’m looking for some relaxed, fun, and interesting companions to share the experience with. Hiking is more fun with a friend. I’m hoping to explore the area and be back in Kathmandu about 21 days after setting out. I plan to be flying from Kathmandu to Lukla on Feb 27.

About me: I’m 23, living in Dallas, Texas, and am looking for some great adventures before starting medical school this summer. Im interested in photography, hiking, music, soccer, nature, camping, science, reading, traveling, and meeting new and interesting people.



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  1. Hi Graham…I am also planning to do the trek and want to do it independently.. A friend is not sure about making it. We are two and would like to do it with fun, non whining and open people.
    If she can’t make it and reach India on time, it will probably be only me.

    • Hey Geoffrey,
      I’ve linked up with two other hikers and we are planning on leaving Namche on March 2nd if you want to join. We would love to have you. If this works for you, let me know and I can send you some details.

  2. Hey Fellas,
    I’m on my way up from southern India on the 28th and am keen to do a big independent trek other than Annapurna and the three passes could well be ideal… mind if i come along? I could be ready to start walking from Lukla on the 2nd if the flight works out- I intend on buying a ticket in KTM on 28th..
    I’m a fit non-whining kind of a guy and have trekked in Nepal before(best trip ever)…
    also i need to flying to Mumbai by the 25th
    mind if i join you guys??
    nice one

    • Hey Joseph,
      We would love to have you join if you can make it in time. Unfortunately we might be a little ahead of you. We are doing our acclimatization day in Namche on Feb 28 or Mar1 and are leaving Namche on Mar 1 or Mar 2. Hope you can swing it. I think you would need to fly into Lukla by the 27th to acclimatize and leave Namche by the 2nd.