Everest Base Camp with Kala Patar (18,192) summit

Hey guys,

I’m going to be in Nepal around the end of this month and was planning to do a solo trek to EBC, however I was just wondering if there were any like-minded people on the forum who’d consider teaming up around the same time? From both a safety and social point of view I figure it’s a good idea!

I’ve done a lot of hiking in the Canadian Rockies/Vancouver area but this is my first time in the Himalayas. Looking for some chilled out people who might also want to summit Kala Patar on the way up/down (quite an easy day hike if the reviews are true).




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  1. I’m doing kind of the same thing, starting within the next few days. Shoot me a message if you are interested in teaming up. I’m looking for a nice porter and/or likeminded trevellers to hang out with!

  2. Hey Will,
    I was also going to do a solo Trek to EBC, but was looking for some other easy going travellers to share the experience with!. I was thinking about doing EBC via the Goyko and Cho-La pass, but perhaps we can travel together for at least some of the way! Send me a message to let me know what your plans are, and maybe we can meet up. Valentino, feel free to send me a massage as well if this also sounds similar to what you are thinking of doing!