Everest Base Camp Trek on early September

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  1. Hey! I´am Vitek (male) from Czech republic, and I´am also planning a track to Everest base camp in September. I would like to join you, cause I´am not very experienced. So would you be interested?

    • Yeh Sure, why not.. that sounds great !! I’m planning for early September, like 2nd or 3rd of Setember, do you think you’re coming here at the same time??

  2. Yes, I can be there. Do you think, that we would book fly tickets to Lukla up in Kathmandu, or before the trip?

    • Hey Vit Sramota, we can easily buy it once we reach there, I don’t think it will be tough to get a flight at that time. So its okay. Anyway, what’s your initial plan? you can share if you want.

  3. Well my goal is to reach Everest base camp, so your itinerary sounds awesome to me, but I´am not sure if I could have some more time to acclimatization? And after we get back to Káthmádů I want to go by bus to Chitwan NP.

    • Well thats great, exploring Chitwan would be a good choice, right after the monsoon it will be greener. I was in Annaurna Base Camp 2 months ago, and I had a plan to go to Chitwan National Park last time, but I was out of time.

      About the acclimatization, pardon, I didn’t understand, you want to stop more for acclimatize your body? or you meant you want to make it even quicker?

  4. Plus we should establish a budget cap if is possible

    • Yes, for sure. I have little ideas about the costings, so I guess I can prepare a draft for costings. I made a draft for me, but I guess we can save a little if we two go together !! Anyway, are you alone, or you’re coming with someone?

    • I´am alone. First time I taught I´ll go with travel agency, but it is to expensive. There are some extra cost like visa, TIMS card or entrace to Khubu NP.

    • To be honest, its really expensive if you are alone. You can easily afford it if you’re coming as a group of 4-5 people. How much it costs for the Visa? I guess for the TIMS permit, and Khumbu trekking permit it won’t more that 3000 nrp [may be].

  5. As I write first time I am not very eperienced. So I am only asking if one day off in Namache is enough to acclimatize my body. Tell me your experiences with acclimatization from Annapurna track please.

    • I was there twice. I did the ‘Jomsom Trek’ in 2012. And then, I did the ‘Annapurna Base Camp’ 2 months ago. Both of them were wonderful. About the acclimatization, people usually stop at Namche for 2 days, and at Tengboche, Lobuche 1 day each. But as we are going to Gokyo first, so we will sto at Gokyo, that would be enough. If we need then we will stop at Dingboche, don’t worry.
      [Do you use facebook or skype, so that we can talk over there about the detail plan.]

  6. So this trek is counting with some possible delays – is flexible. I Have skype vitecek.vitecku, but now I have to go to work 🙁 We can get meeting on skype on Monday evening. What about 21:00 your local time on Monday?

    • it’s fine, it will be a long time, but it’s fine. never mind, do you have a facebook account? you can try my last album update, from Annapurna Base Camp.

    • I acctualy don´t use FB, but I can view you album and I have to say that now I wont to go to Nepal more. So add me on skype, my nick is vitecek.vitecku
      Thank you

    • hey, Vít Šramota, I don’t have skype on my laptop, I need to install it. You can message me on my gmail, check my profile. Thanks.

  7. Hi Sakib. I am from Bangalore, India. I and my husband are also planning for Everest base camp. Is it possible to join you ?

    • Hello Kruti Jani, well yes its possible to go together. but I found you’re heading there on first of October? but I’m planning for the early of September. So will it be okay for you?

    • Thanks for the reply. Your dates are fixed? How about the cost of the entire trek- approximately ?

    • I’ve some problems, I will have to come back on Bangladesh before 21st of September, so I want to start by 2nd or 3rd of September from Bangladesh, so that I will be at Kathmandu by 3rd , and if everything works fine, then I can start for Lukla by 4th of September.

      The costs are mostly same as the Annapurna Region, for staying at night and food cost will be in total 1000-1200 nrp [apprx] till Lobuche. Gorakshep, EBC and Gokyo will be a bit expensive than the other parts [may be around 1500 nrp]. For the TIMS permit and Sagarmata National Park trekking permit have to give 1800-2000 nrp more.

  8. Hey Sakin, We wish we could join you but my husband has some busy schedule in September. We will be in your touch. Thanks

    • its okay.. hope you will have a great journey 🙂 All the best !!

  9. hi got thru u with help of kruti jani, i am planning to trek in sept second half, i have experience in 2 himalayan treks to roopkund and ladakh, wish to do EBC, can you share what would be the budget max kathmadu to kathmandu, my max no of days is 14, regards

  10. Hey Sakib, I have a plan to EBC early september between 01 and 15-20. Since I will be lone traveller, wondering If could join your group. Well, I am 35 yrs old from Delhi-India and looking for a partner. I am available at my email sandeep.nagpal2010@gmail.com

  11. well nice to hear from you.. please let me know about your arrival date in Kathmandu.. we will start for Lukla in 2nd of September early morning.. if you think you can take the flight in the same day then I guess you can join us.. other ways it would be tough for you to join us..


  12. My travel start date is flexible and can align with yours. I guess you will be landing Kathmandu on 1st september, so can I book the flight for 1st september. BTW, where would be the meeting place or any contact details that we can communicate before travel?