Everest base camp trek in the monsoon season

I’m planning to do the Everest base camp trek at the end of June until mid July, regardless the monsoon season. I’m pretty sure it will be a lot of fun and a lifetime journey. I know that there’re not that much trekkers at this time of the season, so I’ll be glad to share this amazing experience with someone. Feel free to write me. And don’t be afraid of a bit of rain. Be unique! Do it when no one else is willing to do it!



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  1. Hey Petar! I like the sound of what you have planned. When are you going to be in Nepal exactly? I have a similar idea planned, but about a month before you plan to go. Perhaps we could meet in the middle with dates.

  2. Hi Petar, I will be in Nepal on 20th of June, I plan to do the Anapurna trek, but Everest sounds great too, I can join you.

  3. Hi, if you guys need any trekking gear, I have poles, windstopper pants and a wind/water proof jacket for sale. It’s all in good condition and has only been used for 1 or 2 weeks trekking. I’m in Kathmandu now.