Everest Base Camp Trek (Hiking from Jiri, not flying)

The Hike: EBC
The Route: Jiri to EBC via Gokyo Lakes
Days: Approx. 20-25 days
Budget: Shoestring

I plan to arrive November 3rd to Kathmandu (Flight it’s booked already). Have everything arranged on the 4th and on the 5th take off to Jiri. I’m not flying to Lukla (95% flies to Lukla, only 5% do the classic route)!

The reasons I want to start the trek from Jiri are:
– It’s the classic route
– It’s cheaper
– It helps you acclimatize better

The plan is to take 5 days to arrive from Jiri to Lukla. Then, 15 days from Lukla to Base Camp via Goyko Lakes and back to Lukla. From there we can either hike back to Jiri or take the airplane to Kathmandu!

I plan to keep costs to a minimum because I plan to do the Annapurna Circuit back-to-back after the EBC trek!

I have experience hiking independently the W and O Circuits in Patagonia (4 times), Inca trail to Machu Picchu via Salcantay mountain independently, Fitz Roy hike in Patagonia, hiked across the Grand Canyon, Half Dome of Yosemite, etc!

You need to be in shape to do this hike!!!!



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  1. Hi Oskar,

    Have you finalized on the itinerary yet ?
    I might be interested at this point, but still haven’t decided about this trek nor the dates. I have been trekking in Nepal for last four consecutive years (this will be my fifth year straight).
    I have done AC, ABC, Langtang / Gosaikunda, KBC North and South in Nepal and many other treks in India. Expect for the KBC trek, all my treks have been done independently in Nepal. I am not a fast trekker and walk at a average speed and have completed all my treks (touchwood). BTW – I am also a budget trekker.
    Would like to know if you have any day wise itinerary at this point of time ? I still need to check how many days holidays I can get this time, although its bit too early for that.
    I am also thinking of MBC trek which I was supposed to do couple of years back, but had to change my plans last minute.

    Hope to hear from you and other like minded people who might be interested to join in.


  2. Hey Oskar,

    It seems like our timeline and the travel plan are more or less in line, except that I will be arriving in Katmandu on Nov 6th morning, I can probably catch up with you on Nov 7th.

    I have been trekking in Tibet (highest summit 5400M) and backpacked most High Sierra mountains in California, comfortable with my physical shape doing this and super excited about it.

    My average pace is about 15 -20 miles a day, don’t mind slow down a bit to acclimate and enjoy the view either, only constrain I have is my vacation days, have to fly out on Nov 26th back to work.

    Let me know if you wanna chat more about travel plans.