Everest Base Camp Trek

Hi All,
I have booked the EBC trek (14 Days) with an Indian adventure company (Adventure Nation). The trip will be starting on October 22.
This will be my first high altitude trek so I am assuming I will be little slow on the trek. I would like to be accompanied by like minded people who can be patient.
Let me know if you are planning around that time.
I have made a bit of research and would like to talk more once introduced.
I have calculated the expense to go up to INR 120000 (approx. $2000 ) which includes more or less everything required for the trek.




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  1. Hi Debashis,

    I am interested in doing EBC but as a self-managed trek. I would not be interested in going on a package from a travel company.
    Last Year I was going to EBC but was caught in the earthquake in Kathmandu.
    If you are ok with us managing the trek on our own, I can team up with you.


  2. Hi Sujoy,

    I don’t mind doing an independent trip but since this is my first high altitude trip, I don’t want to risk being caught up something bad. Being with a group will at least give that confidence.
    But since you must have planned everything last year, would would be better aware of the situation.
    As per the trip price and all, I think it is reasonable as the agency (Adventure Nation) is charging 40K excluding food.
    So they would provide Lukla flight, porter, permits, tea house stay and other trekking equipment.
    I would love to know why you are inclined towards doing a self-managed trek? Is it because of the cost or anything else?
    Please feel free to call me on 9930657886.


  3. Hi Debashis,

    As you are aware, the most important factor in the cost is Food! Simple Dal-Rice can cost Rs 300 in the mountains. If you budget RS 1000 per day for food, your total cost with the agency can be Rs 50,000.

    Our last year’s budget was Rs 30,000 per head KTM-to-KTM including all lodging and food, porter, KTM-Lukla-KTM flights.

    EBC is a tea-house trek, where you do not have to plan for tents, cooking, etc. You have places to stay at every place with hot food. In fact, there is no need for a guide as thousands of people are doing this route. Most people do not even need a porter as they carry their own backpacks.

    This is a trek which can be done as a self-managed trek easily. There is no need to pay almost double by going with an agency. And the route is not so risky that you need the confidence of a group. As long as you are physically fit, and have the mental confidence to complete the trek, you can do it easily.

    Will call you in the evening.


  4. Hi Sujoy,

    Sure lets connect in the evening.
    I just checked the flight tickets from KTM to Lukla and back. It costs 12K.
    Considering that food is expensive in the tea houses (I have seen the menu from few blogs), the food cost for 13 days would go up to 15K minimum.
    I tried to look for the stay expense and haven’t been able to find out but I don’t think it would be any less than 1K per night – total 13K. Apart from that you have additional expenses like(charging phone, phone calls etc).
    In addition to that we have 2 night stay in KTM.
    Even if we don’t hire a porter, it would be close to 40K, that’s what I am guessing.
    So with a porter, 40K + additional 15K food did sound reasonable to me as I think carrying a 50+L backpack would make it little tough.

    Lets discuss more on call.

  5. Hey Sanjoy, Debashis

    Are there any updates on your trek plan? I had been to Annapurna circuit and as such I am familiar with the well laid out teahouse culture on popular Nepalese circuits. I did Annapurna for less than 10,000 back in 2013. So, I am hoping to join an independent group to keep the costs to minimum. Please let me know if I can join your group. The dates are fine by me. Trip duration is not an issue


  6. Hi Rohan,

    We have planned to start on 22nd Oct for Kathmandu. You can definitely join.
    Last year, I was going for EBC but was stuck in the earthquake, thus I have all the details and cost for this trek.