Everest Base Camp Trek

Hi, i just arrived to kathmandu today – 6th of May. Im planning to hit the road within next few days and would like trek to Everest region.

This may include Chola pass and also Gokyo lake. So about 15 +/-2 days depending on the itinary. Im not a very experienced trekker but im quite fit and am a good snowboarder myself. Im quite flexible, friendly 🙂

I plan on hiring a guide and possibly a porter. I understand when booked with an agency this would cost around 1000usd including everything (flying to lukla, private room accomodation with breakfast, permits etc).

If we do it with more people and independently organize it, the cost will probably go down a few hundred dollars. So perhaps 800usd or so.

So if interested please get in touch with me.


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  1. goodday mate! Im in ariving in kathmandu the 4th of may as well! i was thinking to fly to lukla the 6th of may. do you have a kind of travelplan already?


  2. Hey Onur and Kristia
    I’m also a snowboarder and not super experienced, but have some smaller treks like maccu piccu and others in nz of 3-5 days. I was planning to go to Lukla in next day or two however not so keen to trek alone. I’m not sure if I’ll meet people there or not.. if you guys are hiring a guide then I’m happy to split it it of course. I guess most important is, are you guys planning to do it fast? I’d like to take it easy – not slow but not fast, just mean that it’s good to take it easy to make sure you don’t get ill so I’m keen to stay well throughout and acclimatise etc. But I’m super sporty and fit so not a slow one or anything 😉
    Let me know your thoughts 🙂
    I’m from new Zealand btw

    • In saying that 15 days sounds about perfect… as opposed to the 12, but just see how it goes really..
      I still have some stuff to organise in kathmandu like I want to get insurance and but a few things so I could delay a day or two to wait for you guys..

  3. Hey Onur, Kristian and Rachel!

    Looking to join a 12 day (or so) trek in Everest Region. Thinking Goyko Lake trek preferable to EBC as destination, but I’m flexible with plans.

    In Kathmandu now, would like to start from Lukla on May 5th or 6th. Let me know if anyone’s still looking for a trek partner 🙂

    • Hey man I arrived in Kathmandu yesterday. Just put a post up for a trekking buddy but am looking to go asap once I’ve got people together. Looking to do it on a shoestring budget by going indipendatly and paying for lodges and food along the way. If you’re still interested then let me know and we could maybe grab a drink later? 🙂

  4. Hey everyone 🙂

    I arrived to Kathmandu only today, with 2 days delay. Thus far Ive talked to 1 agency who offered EBC then Chola Pass then Gokyo, 15 days for about 950usd, including lukla flights, private room accommodation with breakfast, and 1 guide/porter (same person). I dont think we necessarily need to work with an agency, probably can organize the very same thing for few hundred dollars cheaper. Im quite flexible with everything but I really like to rent a porter.

    So yeah if anyone is open to hit the road on sunday monday etc I will be around. Please get in touch. Best,