Everest Base Camp Trek

I plan to arrive in Nepal towards the end of April and start the Everest base camp trek around then, flexible on dates. I have a little bit of experience hiking but not at this altitude. Looking for someone experienced or confident enough to do the trek alone to partner up with. Flexible on duration. Need to keep costs as low as possible.

New Zealand


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  1. Hi Courtney!

    I will arrive at Nepal 30th to do the EBC trek. It’s not my first time in Nepal.

    I see you will try to do this in 10 days…. Quite short if included returning to Katmandu….

  2. Hey Courtney,
    I’m arriving to Nepal in a couple of days to sort out my trekking stuff and get some extra gear.
    I’ve done loads of hiking but not in this altitude.
    I’m on a tight budget also.
    Let me know if you are interested in teaming up.
    Do you have a time frame in mind?
    I’m pretty flexible but I think it’s important to go slow to acclimatize properly

  3. Hi Courtney,
    I’m flying to Lukla tomorrow and I’ve got to be back in kathmandu by the 22nd so I’m flexible over length. I was thinking of doing the three passes trek but also keen on base camp. Does that work for you?