Everest Base Camp Trek


I am very interested in doing the Everest base camp trek. I have a flight to Kathmandu on April 3rd and am considering starting the trek from there as opposed to flying to Lukla, although the itinerary for this hike is still very flexible. I am happy to do the trek completely independently or with a hired guide. I have relatively good fitness and have experience with lots of hiking and trekking previously on multiday routes. Limited experience with altitude trekking, but hoping to change that!
I am a very sociable, easy going person who gets along with everyone. Get in touch if you are also interested in doing the trek with a buddy!




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  1. Hi Megan, my name is Gabi. I am interested in a very similar trek. Also the begining of April would fit me well. I would like to do the EBC and Island Peak. I prefer to hire a guide as this is the first time in Himalaya for me. Did you already find ppl who would like to join as well? Thanks, Gabi

    • hey gabi- i sent you pm here look for it

  2. Hi Both, my name is Noel from Australia.

    I will be heading off from Lukla around the 03rd/ 04th April to the Everest Region for 12 days. Intending to go Island Peak, EBC, Goyko Lakes, but also very flexible with everything.

    Also I will have just come off an Expedition on Mera Peak, so fully aclimatised as well. Intending to hire a porter due to my climbing gear as such.

    My background is an experienced mountaineer with medical training.

    If you are still looking for another trekking buddy please let me know.



  3. Hi guys. we are a couple from Singapore. we will be in Nepal from 2nd April to 19th April for the EBC trek. If you are still looking for more people, let us know please.


  4. Wow so many replies, this is great!

    Gabi – I am more than happy to hire a guide locally and split the cost as it does seem safer and less hassle and a great way to learn more about the culture and provide someone with a job. (Although if there are others with lots of experience and saving money is a priority then I’m okay with that too). I haven’t yet found anyone else as this post is the only method I’ve used to reach out so far.

    Noel – that sounds awesome, hope you enjoy your first trek! Have you already sorted out a flight to Lukla and everything? I am somewhat interested in hiking up there from Kathmandu/Jiri and then possibly flying the way back, partly to help ease the aclimatization, but happy to reverse it and fly the way up and hike down or do any different combinations.

    Chris – thanks for messaging, I hope we can match our dates up as it seems like you have booked yours already. Are you flying in and out of Lukla?

    Perhaps it would be more convenient to chat over Facebook or email? Let me know, me email is meganlindsaybayley@hotmail.co.uk but to find me on Facebook just put that into the search bar and you should find me, Megan L-B

    • Hi guys, great to hear that there are more ppl wanting to do the same trek 😉 Gabi

  5. Hi there, i would absolutely love to join you guys on this trip.. I have some trekking experience in south America and the rockies, I love the outdoors and am a great conversationalist! Very easy going and flexible. Please let me what the updates Are regarding this trek. I’ll be flying in on and april 1

  6. Hi Megan,

    Im flying to Kathmandu on April 3rd from London (maybe we are in the same flight?). I was thinking in maybe stay 2-3 days in Kathmandu to buy last minute stuff and try to find other trekking partners. My plan is to get the bus as well from Kathmandu to Jiri and start hiking from there, on the way back I would rather fly as everybody says its an amazing experience the flight thorugh the Himalayas. In regards to the trekking itinerary I was planning to do the EBC + Gokyo Lakes but really flexible with dates and places.

    All the best,


    • Hey Luiz,

      Sorry for the late reply! I am actually flying from Bangkok so not the same flight unfortunatrly, but that sounds exactly like my plan currently as well! Let’s try and catch up in Kathmandu?

  7. Hi All – I land on the 1st as well and looking at similar options but hadn’t thought about the hike in (if anything, i’d see if i could fit in something short in Annupurna region first) – organising a guide locally was my plan. Love to join up with one or more people in Kathmandu! Might see you there : )

    • Hello, I have similar plans. Initially wanted to do ACT but now thinking of EBC as well. I will arrive on April 1st. so will be ready to join on April 2. Let me know if anyone is interested. I prefer trekking with partners to share the experience and joy.

    • Hey guys, thanks for posting! Have you finalised your plans and decided what date you will start trekking (if you haven’t already!) ?

  8. Hi Megan and all – I arrive in Kathmandu late evening April 2 and am planning a very similar trek. My current plan is to fly to Phaplu, then trek up into the Gokyo area and over Cho La pass toward EBC. This plan is very flexible, but I do prefer to start before Lukla to get a little more off the beaten path. Would love to meet up / join with others in Kathmandu!

    • Hey Bruce, hope you have a safe flight! I land late tomorrow evening so will be trying to meet up with anyone who is around in Kathmandu on the 4/5th if you are still interested in potentially coordinating with everyone!

  9. Hi guys :)!!! my flight from Italy is on 7th April..any chance I could catch up with you ??? 🙂

    • Hey Daniela! Unfortunately I am currently planning to have left already, but hopefully see you at some point crossing paths on the trek 🙂

  10. Hi all,

    Why dont we meet each other on April 4th or 5th to discuss? We can meet somewhere in Thamel area.

    Let me know.

    Best wishes,


  11. Hi guys,
    I already in KTM and looking to trekk EBC during same time. Please send me a pm or reply.

  12. Hi Megan,
    I’m from Texas I will arrive on the 18th of April and I have hired a private guide for 27 days . I would be happy to share the trip with you and others. I plan on doing EBC. And I’m open for any other suggestions on places to go. I have planned on 16 days for that hike.

  13. Namaste
    I’m nima trekking guide from lukla. My charge $20per day.I’m seeing some client.

    • Hey Nima, what is your email?

  14. hi all .
    I am Nepali and I love trekking. me and my friend can give you guys company. we are planning to start EBc trekking from 10 april .if you guys can wait till 10 then we can trek together with lot fun.

  15. Hi Megan,

    I’m reaching KTM on 5th April. and I’m planning to do EBC. I’m flexible in terms of dates and routes. I’ve done few treks in past in Indian Himalayan region, this time want to explore the Nepalese side. Let me know about your plan and if we can catch up in KTM.

  16. Hey everyone! Thanks you all for commenting on this post, really sorry for my lack of response, I hadn’t realised but the notification emails for it were being directed to my junk mail! I will do my best to get back to everyone today 🙂 hope you are all excited!