Everest Base Camp Trek

I’m trekking to EBC in early December, and was looking for some partners to join me. I’m booking flights for 1st December, and plan on flying out on the 23rd, but am flexible within those dates. If I am able to find the right people/person I would consider hiring a guide in Kathmandu and doing it independently. If that is not possible I will book with a tour group, but would prefer not too as this is more expensive. I am really easy going, but don’t have a massive amount of experience trekking in this region so I would be taking it slow. 😊

New Zealand


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  1. Hey Laura, I’m thinking of doing EBC this year, so I may be able to join you. If you are still looking for a partner, please do let me know.


    • Hi Yudhir, Im hoping to trek EBC start of December too, are you still planning on going that time?

  2. Hi Laura,

    I’m thinking of doing a trek around the same time. I did Annapurna a few years back, and it’s definitely a lot cheaper hiring a porter in Kathmandu. Is your mind set on EBC? It’s a bit expensive and touristy, but then again, it is Mount Everest 🙂 . I’ve been thinking about Manaslu Circuit.

    • Hi Laura

      Are you still thinking of climbing EBC around the start of December? Im flying in to KTM on the 29th of November but my plans are fairly open to different treks

    • hey are you still planning to go? I have been planning as well.

  3. Helloo

    Im flying in to Kathmandu on the 29th of November and am in the exact same boat. Slow and steady wins the race.
    id be hoping to leave to KTM asap to start trekking once i have all the gear and permits in place. Simialr to your dates.
    Not too much experience either.

  4. Hi everyone, thanks Antoine for your interest! My plans have changed now and I will be going next year November, as some friends wanted to join me. Happy travels! 🙂