Everest Base Camp Trek

I land in Kathmandu on the evening of Feb 24 and I’m planning to stay there for a couple days while I gather supplies and check things out. On maybe Feb 27 I plan to make my way to Lukla and start the trek. Now I’ll probably end up flying direct, but I’m not entirely opposed to other options. Likewise, I may or may not hike straight up to EBC and back. I’ll probably just see how things go as I trek along. That said, if you’re interested in any particular side trips or detours I’d most likely be down to go along. I have until approximately March 20 before I want to fly out of Nepal so that leave a lot of wiggle room.

Can’t say I’m all that interested in a guide/porter.

Just so it’s clear, I mostly want a buddy/ies for three reasons:
1) so I/you don’t die
2) good company and shared experience
3) we can take bomb photos of each other and get hella facebook likes

Look forward to meeting up with some of y’all!



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  1. Hi i m Edoardo. I ll be in kathmandu on February 26 and I think I m starting my trekking on 28/29. I m starting from jury/ shivalava so I m not gonna get the plane. I m not going to go to Everest base camp, I m going to make my trek on the way. If you are interest we can join the first days of trek and we will see what’s up on the way!! Hope to hear from you

    • Yeah, for sure. I’ll be in Kathmandu for at least a couple days after I first reach Nepal and we can definitely meet up then. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never done any kind of high altitude trekking before so I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about.

  2. Hi Mason!! I ll be in kathmandu on 28. Me and other people are planning to meet on march 1st on thamel and start the trek the day after taking the bus to jiri for the 3 passes trek. If you wanna you can join us!! That s my mail: write me and we can meet on kathmandu before leaving!! Hope to hear from you