Everest Base Camp Trek


I plan on heading for EBC at the beginning of April, I don’t have too much mountaineer experience but I do have a moderate fitness level and I’ve become so fascinated by Everest and the trek that follows with it.

My plan is to rent and buy most of my equipment in Kathmandu since I’ll be coming from the Philippines scuba diving for a month. I want to do it solo with trekking partners, I don’t plan on hiring a guide nor a portier.

I hope to finish the trek in 14-17 days depending on acclimatization issues and any changes in route that might occur for any reason.

Hope to hear from you soon!



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  1. Hey David,

    My name is Megan and I am also very interested in doing this trek on a budget. Have you already found other people to join and have you already booked your flights?

  2. Hi Both, I will be in Lukla on the 03rd of April after coming off an expedition to Mera Peak. From there intending to hike the Khumbu region, Island peak, Goyko Lakes, etc. Let me know if you would like to catch up.

    I have a mountaineering background and will be hiring a porter due to climbing equipment,


  3. Hi guys, I would love to join your trek, again same question-have you already booked your flights to Lukla?

  4. Hi David ,

    I’m interested too. Kindly confirm your arrival ? are you sure the budget is enough ?


  5. Hello! I’m also looking for a partner to rent equipment in Kathmandu and go more independently. I have some experience trekking in the US but nothing like this. But I’ve done some rugged backpacking. This might be easier with tea houses and food supplied as we go along. I would prefer to leave earlier like March 23 or 24th. Are you flexible with your dates? I can also wait longer if I can’t find another partner with the same needs. I just need to loo into a visa extension or something because I will arrive March 8th

  6. Hi there I’m also super interested in joining this adventure!! Please let know more info regarding this. I’ll be arriving in kathmandu on April 1.

  7. P.s I have done some minor treks in the Rockies and the Andes.

  8. Hi! I have confirmed my arrival at KtM the next 2nd April and I am organizing my flights to Lukla the 4th April. I want to make Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Trek in 13th days with 2 acclimation days and back to KTM the 17th April to make some tourism in Pokhara and Chitwan. Regards,

  9. Hi all,

    I am also planning to trek to EBC from Lukla around 1st week of April.. Would love to join someone with similar interests. Arriving Kathmandu on 2nd April and leaving back on 20th April. Want to do Everest Base Camp and if possible Island Peak.

    How does this work? Is there some meeting point in Kathmandu were all interested people can meet on 2nd-3rd April and then decide the road ahead.

  10. Nameste all !!!
    would you like to give to chance to make your trip with us ..

  11. Hey David and all,
    I’m already in Kathmandu and very imterested in joining a group.
    Please reply me.

  12. Namaste
    I’m trekking guide from lukla.I’m seeing some client my charge $20.

    • Hey Nima, what is your email or phone number? I’m planning to hire a guide from lukla

  13. Hi Guys,

    I’m Priyanka from India and reaching KTM on 5th. Please let me know if I can join you.

    • Hi, This is Gokul from Chennai. i’m reaching KTM on 6th April. What’s your budget excluding tickets and permits?