Everest Base Camp Trek

I have never been to Nepal, nor have I been to Himalayas. But I have read and fantasized pretty much everything about Mt. Everest.

With a never say die attitude and organizing experience in Chennai Trekking club, I am confident of overcoming the acclimatization and navigation. My aim is to capture the tallest point on earth in my Camera. The plan is to reach Kala Patthar and back and Gokyo lakes if I have time. My dates are flexible and I’d like to finish this trip on the cheapest budget possible as I’m still a student.

I’d like to meetup with similar people (preferably ones who have not been there before) who share my ambition of Everest base camp trek. I am pretty easy going with all and don’t really have any criteria. The only thing is, if you are coming with me, you will have to try to be completely independent. Though I always try to limit my dependencies, but it never hurts to travel along with a partner to share the experience.



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  1. Hey Arun,

    I will be teaching near Lukla until June, so your projected date works well for. I am very flexible with availability throughout the entire months of April or May.

    I have never visited the Himalayan region, but I have remote trekking and mountaineering experience in Alaska, USA. My only slight concern is acclimation, which shouldn’t be an issue if we travel at a moderate pace – also living near Lukla for a couple months prior should help.

    While not essential, I would definitely like to visit the Gokyo Lakes. From what i’ve read, they’re worth the extra days.

    Let me know if you’re interested and we hash this trip out.

    – Drew

    • Hey Drew,

      Shall I get back to you as soon as my tickets are booked? Thanks!

    • Yes please – Let me know your dates.

      A start date of mid – april would be best for me. But again I can still make any other date in April or May work too.

      I will be in Nepal on 28/2/16, and, as such, my access to internet will be limited. So I am going to PM you and Pravin my email.

      Looking forward to hearing from you

  2. I am planning for ECB during April. Have little bit of high altitude trekking experience. Heard lots about ECB but never been there.
    have you guys decided on the dates and booked tickets?

    • Hey Pravin, there is just me as of now. Not yet booked the tickets. Will book it in a couple of weeks.

    • Hey Pravin,

      I will be in Nepal from 26 February until the end of july. and my work there alllows me to be super flexible. So I am probably able to accommodate most dates. I just need to know probably by mid-march so I can inform my employer.

      If you and Arun can work out a date, It’ll most likely work for me

  3. Hi Arun. it is nice to see a Chennai guy doing EBC. I’m from Trichy and I’m interested in EBC trek. All the best for your successful trek.

  4. Hi!
    I have confirmed my arrival at KTM the next 2nd April and I am organizing my flights to Lukla the 4th April. I want to make Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes Trek in 14th days with 2 acclimation days and back to KTM the 18th April to make some tourism in Katmandu and Chitwan.

  5. Hey arun,
    I’m from Kolkata and planning for the trek in the same timeframe.
    Whats your trvel cost estimate kathmandu-kathmandu?

  6. Hello all,

    So there have been slight change of plans. I am now reaching kathmandu on 4th April and have decided to start the trek via jiri. So my trek would start on 6th April from jiri and head to ebc and gokyo lakes on the way back. No guides or porters. I have a GPS device for the passes and took print outs of maps with tea houses. It would be really nice if someone can share this trip with me in part or as a whole. This way we can share the twin accommodations too. If interested, contact me at arunsekhar1@gmail.com or 9871450088

    Travel safe

  7. My updated Nepal phone number
    +977 982-3308063

  8. so the Trip was from Jiri to Salleri after which I had to return. Thanks for the replies guys!