Everest Base Camp Trek


Leaving from Kathmandu to Lukla on Dec 24th. (Return Jan 4th).

Already hired a guide for US$24 – will just pay for food/accommodation along the way.

Would love company! Let me know if your also going around this time 🙂

New Zealand


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  1. Hi Georgia. I might be be going around this time but im still weighing my schedule if i can go earlier on 18th of December. How many people you’re with?

    • Hi Nomer, at the moment it is myself and one other 🙂 our dates are fixed for the 24th though 🙂

  2. Hey Georgia,
    How did you find a guide? Would love to join you if possible!

    • Hi Ana! I contacted a guy who wrote the longestwayhome.com kathmandu guide – he put me in touch with the guide he took to ebc (who he 100% vouched for). If you are keen to join let me know and I can give you more details!

    • Hi Ana, what dates would you be there? We will be in Lukla on dec 26th.

    • Oh turns out my plans have changed slightly, arriving on the 26th instead and doing Annapurna circuit. But this forum is awesome and wish you the best trip!

    • Hi Ana, Annapurna circuit is our plan B if there is an issue with EBC, we may go on the same as you. take care and enjoy. stephane and gabrielle

  3. I’m planning to take a bus to Jiri around December 18 and walk from there. So I’ll probably be reaching Lukla around the time you arrive. See you on the trail!

    • Ok cool! Good luck Tim! Will keep an eye out for ya. Will check this page too and we can perhaps try and meet up!