Everest Base Camp Trek (very flexible)

Hi all!

I’m hoping to be able to do the EBC trek later this year, most likely September or October (in case COVID-19 regulations allow to do so). I’m overall pretty flexible when it comes to departure dates.
I’m planning on going with a travel agency/guided group as this will be my first big trek. Nevertheless, it would be really nice to already know some people in the group or even prepare together for the hike (training, research, bookings,..).
So in case you’re interested in joining this endeavor, let me know!

I’m originally from Germany, currently living in the Netherlands and working on my PhD in genetic research.
I’m 28 years old.

Ideally, I’m looking for female travel buddies in my age group. Maybe even from the Netherlands so we can meet up before 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you all!



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  1. I’m interested but $2000 is very high price

  2. Hi, Helen
    I am planning to do EBC + 3 Pass Trekking.
    I think the budget is very hight even with guided from travel agency. We can more affordable price still with the comfort journey.
    Let us talk if you are welcome. This is my second trek after ABC in November 2018.
    BR, Yanti

  3. hi, are you just looking for female travel partners?

  4. Hey der,I am a nepali guy a spiritual person and i want to visit everest base camp with a female partner for friendly conversation and expression of mystic journey,Are you interested Helen.roe, please let me know.

  5. Hey dear I am Roshan from india i like to hike the the world of snow to the EBC. But the price is very high to me. But soon i will there and we need to check the covid situations too its tight too. I will text you dear

  6. Hallo Helen‍♀️ stehen deine Pläne noch? Würde auch sehr gerne im September/Oktober den EBC Trek wandern und suche noch einem Travel Buddy 🙂
    Habe bisher auch noch nie so eine große Wanderung gemacht aber würde es lieber dennoch ohne Agentur wagen da man dann viel selbstbestimmter ist. Wäre das auch was für dich?

    Kurz zu meiner Person:
    Wohne seit September 2020 in Köln in einer WG mit meiner besten Freundin. Hab vorher mein BA Studium im Wirtschaftlichen Bereich gemacht und war danach 2 Jahre in Australien und freue mich endlich Köln etwas zu erkunden sobald alles wieder auf macht 🙂

  7. Hi Helen, My little bit of advice would be, if you can find a trek partner or two and go as an independant group. You will halve the cost and double the adventure, you cannot get lost and you can set your own pace. Have fun.

  8. Can I join with you. I am from Chennai, India, Male, 55 yrs old