Everest Base Camp Trek

Hey Guys!

I am planning for a two-weeks(+) trek for EBC between the 10 – 25th May and looking for partners to make it more social and safe.
I am a solo traveller and fixed my return flights already – I arrive at KTM early morning on the 9th and I fly back to Istanbul on the 25th.
I have been in contact with several local companies as well as some guides for planning the trip and itinerary yet haven`t finalized yet – my first preference is to go independent so open to collaborate or conclude a plan together for this one.
I am quite flexible with the budget and plannings.

Previously, I trekked the bits of beautiful Lycian Way in the Mediterranean Region (Turkey – 75km – 6 days – Moderate) and EBC will be my first time long haul and quite exciting! I would like to make this as fun and sound as possible – I am at age of 35 and adaptable so reach me out or email me if you are also looking for a partner for the similar dates/route..

Cheers, Aysho



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  1. A quick update on the above:

    I have decided to cancel this one due to covid – probably I will postpone the plans to a later date (by October and/or on).