Everest Base Camp Trek

Hi all!

I want to do a 15day Everest base camp trek starting around December 4th and looking for people that would like to join.
Haven’t booked a guide yet, but in the process of making a selection of good options.





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  1. Hi mate,

    I l’ll get to Nepal around Nov 30/Dec 1 and want to do the EBC trek. I haven’t prepared anything yet and I’m still looking for people to join forces!
    I’m 27, from Austria, good fitness shape and easy going.
    How about you?


    • hi Michael,

      I’m joining the EBC short trek on the 4th of December with ‘Nepal Hiking Team’. there is one person from Australia and 2 from the UK joining as far as I know. feel free to join via their website.


    • Hi I am Prativa . I live in Australia but is originally from Nepal . I am looking for someone to Trek with me to abc this December .

    • Im also looking for people around these days! If you are up to it i would love to join! Regards. Steffie

  2. Hi all, 56yr old Brit. I’ll be in Nepal for all of December, landing 30th Nov. I’m thinking of soloing in from Jiri, for an EBC 3HP type trek but plans not really fixed yet. I’ve solo trekked Nepal 6 times but not since Dec. 2016. Maybe I’ll catch you on the trail.


    • Hi I am Prativa . I live in Australia but is originally from Nepal . I am looking for someone to Trek with me to abc this December .

  3. Booking a guide from outside Nepal may be quite expensive, and most don’t use one for EBC, but it’s your choice.


  4. I’m also trying to get a Manaslu trip together employing a guide direct without an agency, probably going on to do AC (I think you can start and finish Manaslu at Syange on the Annapurna Circuit. I have bumped into folk dropping out of the Manaslu trek on to AC at Syange). Would anyone be interested in this?

  5. Hello Trekkers
    My Request please don’t Trek alone and high passes that is will be risk for you at list take one guide or porter that can help you a big when you are in trouble. If you really want to solo please get good insurance company and GPS system gadget i think you all guys know very well about this what i mean. Be healthy,Be happy and Safe trek my wish all of you..
    Happy Trekking

  6. I am starting on 3 : do u wanna join ?

  7. Hee! I am also looking for a small group or people to trek with to EBC! Arrive in Kathmandu on 29th. Can start around 2/3/4.

    Be safe! Regards, Steffie

  8. Hi all,

    I am looking to begin the EBC treck from the 03/12 – 04/12 – 05/12 and was looking for people to make a group and so make the experience a little less risky!

    I would definitely be in to join your group!