Everest Base Camp Trek

Hi, I am planning to do an EBC trek in mid October, 2019. It will be a 13 days trip with 2 additional rest days if needed. I am a Nepalese-American who’s fluent in Nepali, English and Hindi. I would like to take 2 or 3 more people with me. Please let me know if anyone is interested.



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  1. Hi Pratik.

    I am also planning for a trekking around the same time. 13 days is a bit stretch for me and although I am interested, I am yet to decide to trek EBC. Wondering, how are you planning this trip. Have you been there before? The reason of my query is because, this time of the year, I fear many people struggle with flights to and from Lukla.

  2. Hi Saroj, to answer couple of your questions, I am planning this trip with advises from friends who have previously done this trekking before. According to them, the trekking route is fairly simple, altitude sickness only being the major concern which is why I have decided to use 2 rest days to acclimatize to the high altitude. I have come to this decision after thoroughly researching and using EBC guide websites and vlogs as my sources. I would like to ask in what way is the flight to and from Lukla a struggle for many people? From what I know, flights are canceled or postponed (averaging 7-8 hours) on a regular basis due to bad weather but I believe October weather, which is end of monsoons bears less cloud in the sky which should further allow flights to process smoothly. I am buying my Lukla flight ticket next month and hope that when the day comes, I don’t get hit by major delays and flights cancellation. Please elaborate re Lukla flights struggle during October. Thank you.

  3. Hi Pratik,

    I am also interested in partnering.
    I am pretty flexible in dates and routes, aven Gokyo trek addition if conditions are good.
    Let me know if interested.