Everest Base Camp Trek w/possibly ChoLa Pass (if it works out)

I’m planning on arriving in Kathmandu on May 8th and would like to start hiking to EBC as soon as possible.

Thus I plan on flying out to Lukla the following morning (May 9th). Plan on hiking to EBC and then would like to return via ChoLa Pass/Gokyo Lakes if I can find someone that would like to go with. I am mildly flexible based on conditions and how people are feeling.

Currently have no plans for a guide or porter, but am semi open to the guide or porter if need be. Ideally, just looking for a trekking partner and a person who will take photos for me haha 🙂

No real budget limitations, but I hate spending money for no reason and love the flexibility and freedom of hiking without a porter/guide. I have a decent amount of backcountry, hiking, camping, altitude hiking experience and am confident in my skills.

Let me know what you think/if you would be interested. Thanks!!! Please send me a PM or post on here. Would love to start talking and see if things workout!



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  1. Hey Esteban,

    How are you? It seems like we have similar plans for travelling this spring!

    I arrive in the first week of may in Kathmandu and I hope to do 2 weeks of trekking. I think about EBC and Gokyo lakes also.

    I have a decent level of fitness and I have experience in long distance hiking and some experience in hiking at high altitudes.

    I love the idea of going without a guide,however my navigation skills are not the best. How are yours? My contribution could be that I’m a medical doctor, so that might come in handy if one of us becomes ill during the trip

    Looking forward to taking your photos! 😉

  2. Sorry, my travel plans have changed.
    Will be walking in the Annapurna region instead.

    Enjoy the EBC!

    • No worries. Thanks and have fun in Annapurna!!!

  3. Hey! I arrive to Kathmandu same day as you! I’m also planning same itinerary but since I’m staying in Nepal for a month I plan on not taking the famous dangerous flight to Lukla and instead take a road. My budget is low-mid. Let me know if this sounds like something we could do.

    • Hi Irina,

      I would be definitely be interested. I sent you a PM and lets see if our schedules match!

  4. Hey I will be in Kathmandu 9 10 11 May….. Lets work on the plan!

    • I sent you a PM!